Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Wool Week Is Happening

Regular readers of my blog will know I'm a bit of a woolly enthusiast. I love all the myriad breeds of sheep, I love their fleece and I love working with yarn made from wool. Let's face it I just adore wool. There I've said it.

If you want to try and understand my obsession check out all the woolly gorgeousness that is going on next week. The Campaign for Wool is celebrating Wool Week, which officially starts on 6th October with a whole range of activities.

The interiors collection exhibition at Southwark Cathedral will no doubt be amazing if previous events are anything to go by. You will be blown away by the quality and creative inventiveness of the designers and makers that use wool in a thousand different ways. It opens this Sunday 5th October and runs until Sunday 12th October, 10-7 daily with a late night on Thursday until 8pm, admission is free. Click on the CFW link above for more information.


Today I finally started on my woven rug project, which incidentally was inspired by a visit to Somerset House during a previous Wool Week. I set up a peg loom with some natural jute to create my warps which I have woven through with my washed and carded Ryeland fleece. It is a very exciting process and at the moment it's all looking good. And the best bit is just twisting the fleece into place without having to spin it, creating a very organic and artisan look. I'll post some pics soon so you can see the effect.

I'll sign off today with a little wool flick to get you in the mood. The Uist Wool Project uses restored carding and spinning machines from the 19th century and 1950s. Click here to view.

Uist Wool via

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  1. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I will again - I used to collect bits of wool off barbed wire on the Yorkshire moors for my mum to hand-spin into yarn & dye with natural dyes. Ahh, the '70s, when the crafting renaissance began. I remember it so well!

  2. It's reassuring to know that the craft movement is still gaining pace. I'm trying out things I haven't done before and really enjoying the creative process.
    Jean x

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing your woven rug. Any chance of seeing a photo of your peg loom?

    1. Every chance. I'll post some pics on Saturday.

  4. I had no idea there even was a wool week, how fascinating.
    That Uist wool is so pretty, I love the colour. I hope your weekend is going well. x