Sunday, 28 September 2014

Live It Up. It's Later Than You Think.

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I don't know about you, but I sometimes find it hard to keep a positive spin on the old ageing process. Yes, I know it happens to everybody and we were all bright young things once. But it seems youth only accounts for a small part of our lifespans and the rest of the time we are fighting against being perceived as 'over the hill' or worse 'past it'. I can't see that changing anytime soon, if indeed ever.

Now I'm over fifty I think about my own mortality more as well, something that never really crossed my mind at all before. Not in a morbid or panicky way. I just want to enjoy my life to the full in the time I have left on the planet, which I'm hoping, needless to say will be way into the future. Time is a precious luxury and not to be wasted.

Being fit and healthy is the key, creating and seizing opportunities is a must and let's face it, a goodly amount of cash does help too.

I recently stumbled upon a lifestyle website for grown ups. Which seeks to inspire women who, shall I say are past the first flush of youth. And let me tell you it succeeds.

Take a look at Jacky O'Shaughnessy (62) talking about the self-esteem issues that have been with her throughout her life.

In one sense I'm amazed at how such a beautiful and sensitive woman could have (had) any body image issues, and in another I'm not surprised at all, given our society's views on ageing.

I see only her beauty.


  1. Ooh you've hit a nerve there. It's wonderful to see 'older' fashionable ladies, but even then, when we do see them in magazines they're all stick thin, in other words 'ok ladies you can look good as long as you're thin'!

  2. I enjoyed this post and like most older women can associate with what she has to say - for all that she has body issues - she looks pretty darn slim to me. I have long hair too, neither do I colour it - and I am older than her but I don't find it an issue at all - it seems to me that we are conditioned right through life to see ourselves as others expect to see us. But I don't want to be a clone - I have got to an age where I can please myself, be true to myself and most of all - be happy with who I am.

    Thanks for the link to The Womens Room - an excellent site.

  3. HeHe! Well! It's just go seven....On my first lemon tea!
    "Oh! I wonder if anyone's posted" (I say to myself)....
    Good 'evans....What a photo to to be confronted with..
    Both of them....I thought at first, it was a post on our
    canine friends...You know, the ones we call dogs...! :).

    Don't forget now...I'm a man/male/boy etc...Hang on!
    Yep! l was right...
    We have a saying in Sicily/Italy...'La Bella Figura'
    Though mostly in Sicily...It means 'Beautiful Figure'
    But actually it's a way of life emphasizing beauty,
    good image, aesthetics and proper behaviour,
    But of course, as we ALL know...'Beauty is in the
    eye of the beholder'.

    One thing my Father used to say to me...Right up
    to the day he died....Never liked it at first, but now l
    take it as a complement!
    "Boy! The trouble with you is..You've never grown up".
    True! Very true....HeHe! I run with the young....! :>).
    But! But! I'll look forward to the day....When l get my
    telegram from..King William!

    HeHe! I'll let you ladies get on with this, look forward
    to the comments...
    "To~day...I feel like a million dollars...ALL green and
    So..."I've gone to look for myself, if l return before l get back,
    keep me here"!

    1. Willie, you're a gem. My blogging chums get two posts for the 'price' of one when they visit my site. I love La Bella Figura, says it all really. Trust the beautiful Italians to get it right.


  4. You're right, we are old far more than we were young. Well the lucky ones anyway! I've never felt the need to live up to other peoples ideals, I'm me & I'm going to jolly well enjoy what remaining years I have.

  5. It's funny Jean but I have been thinking along the same lines since last year when I turned 50, i.e. making the most of the (long) time we have left and doing new things, when possible. I also think that old fears hold you back so I am making myself feel the fear and do things I maybe wouldn't have done before and then laugh at myself afterwards for being such a woos in the first place. I don't fight the aging process, I just look after myself the best way I can. I have always felt young inside anyway.

    Lol @ Willie.

    Best wishes from Carol

  6. As an older reader of your blog I'll add a "warning". I know lots of healthy, energetic women in their 60s who find themselves up to their eyes in daily baby-sitting duties and thinking in desperation, "When this is over will I be past enjoying anything?" A real dilemma. - think on, as we say up North.

  7. I don't think anything brings home the fact that life is for living and to just get on and enjoy it more than having your sister die at 42, or having a life threatening illness yourself at 31. If we're lucky enough to grow older then we should just enjoy it. Some people aren't lucky enough to see 50.

    1. Absolutely Jo. We are all 'lucky' to be on the planet in the first place. What ever life throws at us, it feels good to make the most of what we do have, and what we can share.
      Jean x