Thursday, 1 September 2016


I'd never be a fashionista, nor do I want to be. Spending huge sums of money on expensive clothing is not my bag, so to speak. (In fact my actual bag is a high class model but I purchased it for £1.00 from an animal charity shop). I do try and look my best though, obviously, but I tend to buy few items at good prices. Usually this means cherry picking through charity shop rails. I know many of you lovely bloggers do the same.

My lifestyle generally is one of being thrifty, buying only when I need something and trying to buy or source second hand. Thrifty feels good. Good for me and good for the planet. I would love more folk to do the same. Love the planet and she will love you back. Use minimum resources and there's more to go around. That's how it works my friends.

Part of my plan in moving to the Peak District is to start up a new business here. Upcycling, recycling, repurposing and refashioning will be the beating heart of what I hope to achieve. I would love the business to be a totally local affair. Employing local makers to create useful and beautiful items, purchased and enjoyed by local folk, who will keep their money circulating in their own local economy.

I have booked a stand at a three day Christmas event in my local town of Matlock to test the popularity of such a venture. If all goes swimmingly I hope to open a shop in the Spring. I thought you might like to see my first product. Cafetiere or vintage coffee pot covers. Some made from vintage fabric and others from small amounts of scrap fabric and yarn. This idea came from an original cover that I bought second hand years ago.

I advertised in a local paper and found a lovely local lass who loves to sew.

She made the covers for me and has already started on my next idea. I'm really excited about the possibilities. A new business in a new place and hopefully a new home to go with it. Yes, I'm still searching, but getting nearer methinks.