Sunday, 10 May 2015

Good Morning My Friends

Well my blogging chums this will be the last post for me. I have been on 'holiday' from the blogging world for the last couple of months and as I suspected it has had a tremendously positive impact on my life. In the sense that I'm not using up precious time deciding what to post. Is it good enough? Is anyone out there that interested in my ramblings anyway etc.

I hasten to add that although I have not been 'transmitting' I have most definitely carried on 'receiving'. I really enjoy reading all your fantastic blogs in all there myriad forms. They uplift me, inspire me and inform me, in a way nothing else does. So I might not be posting anymore but I will continue to be part of this wonderful community, after all you are my virtual friends.

There are major changes a foot in my life. Hopefully moving to a different area of Britain and starting a new business working with my husband.

If any of you want to keep in touch I'm on Pinterest, simply click through on the button on the blog to see what I'm up to.

Or if you are inclined it would be great to link up with you on Twitter: @perfectjean.

Yvonne from Winter Moon and Barbara from March House Books already chat with me there.

It's been a blast. Thank you all.