Friday, 31 October 2014

All Hallows' Eve

We're staying in with friends tonight and munching on some hot chilli beef with sour cream, nachips and freshly made coriander and lime salsa. I expect a few 'sherbets' will be taken.

It's a film night for us. We take it in turns to host a film night with these friends. Tonight is our turn, so it's Burke & Hare starring Simon Pegg.

I have a few sweeties and some apples from our own tree for any little callers.

If you are going a witching tonight and are stuck for ideas, check out these fab ideas over at Jan's blog.


  1. HeHe! I've been sat here for the last 5mins...
    wondering to say this....
    Love the sound of the dinner! Yes! Great!
    Sorry! Can't say the same for the film......
    Not that version of Burke and Hare anyway...
    Nope! Terrible!

    Anyway! You ALL have a nice evening......! :)

    1. Well I haven't seen it before, but if it's no good I have good ole Christopher Lee in Dracula as a standby.
      Be nice to the children tonight Willie, have fun :)


  2. Have a great time with your friends tonight Jean, Happy Halloween! Food sounds yummy, and I'm sure the film will be suitably scary although I havent seen it myself.
    I've just lit the carved pumpkin on the doorstep and the first trick or treaters have called already suitably masked and caped - they start earlier every year I'm sure!
    Gill xx

  3. Sounds like a lovely fun evening enjoy yourselves :-)

  4. Sounds Fun Jean....Halloween is my birthday and as my first husband used to say " that figures" xxx

  5. We didn't get any trick or treaters here (live too far away from other people), which was a good thing as I had nothing to give them :o) Hope you had a nice evening xx

  6. Hello Jean, evenings with friends are my favourite kind. I hope you had fun. I love the pretty Halloween postcard. Barbara x

  7. What a very good idea - a film alternative to a book club! We collect good DVDs which then languish in a drawer because we don't make time to watch them. This may be the answer!

  8. sounds like my kind of night hope it went well

    1. Hello David, nice to hear from you. We had a fab night thanks.

      Jean x