Friday, 14 October 2011

The Haslam System of Dresscutting

I'm a knitter, have been since I was quite a little dot. I really enjoy it, and have tried this year to increase my skills by taking on projects that challenge me a bit. I also started crocheting this year, but it still feels like a foreign language to me. The lure of the granny sqaure will keep reeling me in though.
In my ideal world I would also be an expert seamstress, I have a pristine still new and in it's box (in the attic) sewing machine. Perhaps I could follow Miss. Haslam's system of dress cutting?

How amazing for her to set up her own company and work out a sewing and pattern cutting system, in what I suspect was her home town of Bolton.

Honeing her skills and building on her reputation, to create a successful business.
None of the books are dated, but the first one looks quite basic and functional and the images inside look like they may be wartime clothing. I'm loving this glamourous overall, chanelling Lana Turner.

 In the second book the styles reflecting the post war Christian Dior 'New Look'.


Book three looking the most sophisticated, with full colour images. I would so love to make some of these patterns up. Perhaps a project for the future ?

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  1. Hi, I've just invested in a Haslam system template with the hope of using it however it's all a little overwhelming. Just wondering if you've used this yet and How you've found it.

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