Friday, 2 June 2017

A Little Update

It's not quite a palace yet, but I'm super pleased with the progress in the house, albeit there has been a small lull due to a wee visit to bonnie Scotland with some very good friends. My friend and I both celebrating a very important birthday.

I WILL be getting back to the tasks this weekend, if I delay too long I shall loose momentum and the house will still be a wreck this time next year.

The gardens of course are another kettle of fish and remain very scary. Huge amounts to do and growing like billy-o. My lovely husband assures me everything will eventually get done and all will be wonderful. Who am I to question his optimism? He hasn't let me down yet :)

As always funding is at the heart of the matter, so we do as much as we can ourselves. I'm chief painter and decorator, it's a good job walls don't really have ears, otherwise the wallpaper in the bedroom and hall might have spontaneously combusted with all the expletives I hurled at it.

Post moving in, I have been culling unwanted and unnecessary items, (this is the third sweep), to sell on. The money raised will be spent on getting help with the garden.

Anyhoo some 'after' pics as promised, kitchen, hallway, master bedroom, en suite, view from the bedroom and the old puss Pendragon reclining on her favourite sheepskin rug.

Btw my shower cap above, was found, new, still with its tags, in a charity shop. I had seen the exact same thing on the tellybox and wanted one desperately, you know I have delusions of grandeur. Lo and behold there it was. I must try concentrating on my need to win a large sum of money, to see if the same thing happens.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Our Home

Where have I been? Well dear readers we collected the keys to our new home at the end of January. In Estate Agent speak, there is an "opportunity to improve the house". Yeah, thirty years of neglect of an opportunity. But that aside, I'm beyond thrilled. Oh and knackered, of course. I've been working on the huge task of renovating the house, bit by bit. My hands look like I've been building roads :)

It is a good size house in a fantastic location, but it's the views that lift it to another level. I'll show you some 'befores' today and will show you some 'afters' very soon.

The second pic is of the master bedroom, which is the only room that has been completely refurbed so far, just now I'm working on painting the original oak kitchen. Everything needs a least 3 coats of paint so it's taking longer than I thought, but it's coming on a treat.

Friday, 6 January 2017

One Other Thing - Rag n Bone Man

A New Year's Eve discovery, I think you may like the young man's style. Especially you Cro.

He grew up in the town we have just moved from, shame we didn't hear about him then.

I Have A Confession..........

It's no good, it's much better to be open about it and fess up, I have an 'Outlander' obsession. There I've said it and it's out there now. How I've gone so long without talking about it is a mystery, although a secret does feel good eh?

This darling little novel, my current bedtime read, is just one of the many Outlander themed presents I received from the Mr this year. Christmas 2015 was the same, ALL about Outlander.

I first heard about the series on an American blog that I follow, and oh my, thank the Goddess I did. Of course I only started watching the show because of it's, erm, historical content and the wonderful costumes, which are a triumph. Nothing to do with the charm of the leading actor and the chemistry between him and his really adorable leading lady. I know, gush, gush, gush. But it is an obsession right? So I can gush at will.

I can honestly say it's one of the best dramas I've ever seen. And the real joy is that the TV dramatisation led me to the books that the series is based on. The books are huge and there are many, but I find myself holding off reading all through the books too quickly as I really enjoy the anticipation. I'm currently up to book 6, 'A Breath of Snow and Ashes'. Diana Gabaldon the author, is working hard at the moment writing book 9, so you can see why I'm dragging the process out. Thankfully she has also written a number of novellas that relate to the bigger story.

This is a picture of 'herself' that I took at a Comic Con I went to in Germany late in 2015. It was a mad couple of days, where I met the actors from the show and heard her read from her work and discuss her inspiration. Which turned out to be Dr Who, who'd have thunk it?

I'll leave you with a pic of the leading character James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser. I think you may find him veera easy on the eye. Interest piqued?

Outlander is showing on Amazon prime only, bit of a bummer, but on the up side you can watch it on demand again and again and again. That is until you buy your own boxed sets. See how it happens?

Monday, 2 January 2017

Balance & Harmony.

Time to rein in the slightly over indulgent eating now and get back to my 'normal' healthy eating plan. Since September I have been trying to eat more foods that work in harmony with my body keeping it healthy and hopefully trimming it of some unwanted poundage . Less booze too, I don't enjoy it as much as I used to, I guess that's something else that happens as one ages. The plus side of that is that I have decided never to drink cheap Champagne again, not really a new year resolution, more of an intention. My favourite is Mumm Cordon Rouge, I shall look out for it when it is on offer and stash it away.

More exercise is on the cards too, I always feel much better if I make the effort. Today a shortish, very muddy, woodland walk, spotting a couple of Buzzards up in the wide blue yonder. It was also a chance to take a sneaky peek at the house we are buying as the woodland backs on to the house.

New year and new ways of living, another intention of mine, moderation and a little of what you fancy, the best way to live, no need for extremes.

This young lady however believes in extremes, she also has an intention, to look like a cartoon character, yes, that's her ambition in life. She has had over 19 surgical procedures, including having 6 ribs removed and having eye implants to make her eyes cartoon green. Pixie Fox, for this is she, calls herself a body modification artist. So far her dream has cost her 80k, and the ability to eat solid food. She seems super pleased with the results, but it's obvious to me that she will continue on until it kills her.

I'm happy with a little less flobbage and more energy.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Welcome 2017

I've always tried to enjoy life to the full and with each passing year the desire to 'do' as much as possible increases, mindfully spending my time wisely. According to the 'experts', meaning in life equates to happiness. Well I'm planning to bring as much of that to my new life in the Peak District as I can. Family and friends are the blessings in life and I think with a good dose of hard work and some new experiences the rest will come.

I wish all of you, my blogging chums the very best for 2017. Health, happiness and prosperity.

Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Birthday Treat at Miss. Potter's.

To celebrate my birthday which was on the 10th, the Mr and I went to stay in a very special cottage. Once owned by Beatrix Potter. The place was quite magical, full to the brim with evocative pieces. We slept in a four poster bed in a room that was hundreds of years old. It was an amazing experience, usually one only gets to visit such properties for the day and is never allowed to touch anything in the rooms. We lived and breathed it for a week, it was wonderful.