Monday, 23 May 2016

Help Please

This beautiful flowering plant is covering part of the front wall outside our rented home. I would love to grow some of it in pots but don't know what it is or how to propagate it. I can't even work out where it's growing from as it seems to be just a 'mat' of flowers, covering the top of the wall.

I have pulled away a couple of pieces near to the ground to try and root it.

Can any of my super blogging chums give me some help with this?

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Venus By Any Other Name

Oh how I love Botticelli's work. I know some folk might find it a bit whimsical, but I love the gentle romanticism of it. Never mind the figures are painted beyond true human proportions. they represent an ideal. I'm happy with that.

As such the V&A's exhibition, Botticelli Re-imagined, is right up my strasse. Lots of beautiful images by the great and good, but also a lot of interesting and fun interpretive pieces.

You're greeted just inside the exhibition door by Ursula Andress rising from a warm and sparkly Caribbean sea, under the appreciative gaze of 007. A living breathing Venus, in every sense.

You will find huge amounts to feast your eyes on throughout the substantial exhibition, expect your heart to swell a little as you navigate all the wonderful gorgeousness.

Be careful of the shop as you exit though, it is full of expensive and tempting items. I almost spent £65 on a bath towel, thinking it would be wonderful styled as a wall tapestry, you know, for the house I don't even own yet! Instead I 'modeled' the towel and signed up to the V&A newsletter to see if it goes in to the sale which inevitably follows every exhibition.

Go see it if you get the chance, it's on until 3rd July. And please try to ignore the fact I appear to have 4 hands and a shonky neckline in this personal interpretation of Botticelli's masterpiece.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Weekend In The Peaks

Sadly there were no new properties to view this weekend. Although the Mr did point out an absolute corker that had already sold. Mixed feelings about that, mmmmm.

I'm telling myself the perfect house will present itself and there must be a good reason why it hasn't just yet. We've really only been here for a short while but unfortunately I'm not known for my patience. Note to self, must try harder.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather at the weekend and went for a 6 mile walk along side the Cromford Canal. Apart from the subsequent aches and pains, (I really must get more exercise), it was an absolute pleasure.

Beautiful dappled sunlight through the surrounding woodland keeping us cool and tons of wildlife and interesting folk to gawp at. Nearly everyone that passed us along the route spoke to us. I heard my first "how do".

Towards the end of the walk we came across a fantastic period house that strangely made me feel a bit emotional. It was picture perfect and it was literally stopping people mid stride. It had a for sale sign on its side wall, but as it turned out that was for the smaller house behind it. Darn it!!!!!!!

It was just the sort of house I could imagine Beatrix Potter living in and instead of the hens we saw on the very well mown lawn, I could imagine rabbits in little blue jackets. Bonkers, me? No.

Saturday night we took a short drive to Tideswell village to see a play being performed in the Church of Saint John the Baptist. Known as the Cathedral of the Peak. A magnificent building and perfect for the performance.

 'The God Particle' is written by James Cary who co wrote BBC 1's Miranda series amongst other things. It was clever, surprising and funny without trying too hard. The story begins with a vicar and a scientist meeting in a bar.

It was a sell out at the Edinburgh Fringe and I urge you to see it if you get the chance. Pop over to the website for tour details.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Here I am & Here I go again............................probably.

North versus South,
East versus West.
A great divide and debate over which side is best.
Yet one thing has slipped our minds,
A verse left from the middle.
What about the people who are living in the middle?!

                          ( Joe Tierney via BBC news magazine 2009)

And the answer is, they're having a bloomin good time. The Mr and I have finally done it. We've left our softy southern ways behind and turned into Peaky Blinders. We're not quite up to the gravy on chips stage yet but we are definitely enjoying everything the Peak District has to offer. 

We have been here for about 10 weeks now and the search is on for a fabulous country house. I fear this may take some time as budget and extreme fussiness will have an impact.

The picture of our modest rental house above does make it look a tad like a Jacobean Mansion but I can assure you it is not. We are a little bit squished inside, although that does help with the ongoing de-cluttering.

Life is suddenly very exciting. Which is why its good to have a calming view down the lane.