Thursday, 9 October 2014

Immersed in Craft

Bear by Heather Drage

Had a fun and full on day with the knitty group at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally yesterday. The rain first thing put quite a few folk off, but that was a bonus for us, as we could walk around the show without being squished to death. It was great.

I got a good deal on the tickets by booking early, then booking as a mini group, then adding a discount code that Texere Yarns had very kindly sent through to me. So instead of £16.00 per person we only paid £10.50, what a bargain!

I only made a few necessary purchases, which I will share with you another time. Small items that I needed for my projects list and one C*******s present.

Looking at and buying gorgeous materials and yarns is only part of the many pleasures of the annual show. I get so much more from experiencing other peoples work and understanding their inspirations. This show offers a large and varied body of work put together by artists and makers from all walks of life. Fascinating.

We Are What We Eat by Helen O'Leary

Closer to home, a local maker Polly Kettley, is opening up her studio for a one day 'Introduction to Lampshade Making', on Thursday 16th October. Using the most amazing vintage fabrics, you can, with her help, create your own bespoke shade.

Polly has actually made a few shades for me, which sit mighty prettily in my studio and drawing room. So I'm confident you will get good value, in every sense, from the experience.

So if you are within easy travel distance of Lewes, East Sussex, pop over to her site for the full details.

Also don't forget to enter my exciting 3rd anniversary blog giveawayRemember you have until this Sunday to participate. Good Luck.


  1. Thank you Jean - look forward to seeing you over here at Upper Lodge soon x

  2. Pity it's so far away, it sounds like a good course & something I'd like to do too! Glad you had a good day out it sounds like you were very well behaved with your purchases.

  3. Keeping me in the shade here...!
    The first shade l ever made was for my daughter.
    She was 4~5 at the times...Goodness 100yrs ago
    now..! :).
    She was into Paddington Bear..And wanted PB
    curtains..So, we popped along to Balie Hse, nearby.
    That have a huge selection of material, and, still do!
    We came home measured everything up, and l made
    the curtains. We had material left over, l had a medium
    size shade frame, and, covered that..Excellent!
    And, believe it or not, when l look up over my computer
    screen...I can see the curtains, and looking above me,
    the shade is still hanging there!
    HeHe! "Please look after this bear".
    Darkest Peru...
    London England.
    Paddington Stn.
    'Wanted on Voyage'.
    Good old Paddington Bear.....!

    Oh! If that poor old bear wants a waist~coat that
    fits...Give me a shout....I've 37 of them! :>).
    He'd look good in a dicky~bow to!
    Just the bear 'necessities'. :0).

  4. Ooh those dolls are amazing. off to check out the lamp shades now, Lewes isn't too far from me...

  5. I have always facied doing some lampshades, I went to Ally Pally last year with a friend, we bought loads in fact i came across a little kit I got there the other day when I was unpacking some craft stuff, I have left it out so I can do it perhpas next week :-)

  6. The show sounds brilliant, I hope to get up there one year :)

  7. Those shades are beautiful Jean. I am unfortunately far far away from lovely Lewes but will definitely pop over to Polly's site.

  8. I wish I lived nearer so that I could go to Ally Pally, I've heard so much about this particular show. I think you can get so much inspiration from shows such as this, I've got so many ideas buzzing around my head after attending Yarndale at the end of last month.

  9. Great pictures, wasn't it good, I saw those today but have taken different photos for my post, so it's interesting to see what others prefer to remember.

  10. Hi Jean, I didn’t know there was a knitting and stitching show at Ally Pally, but it sounds lovely. It would be nice to visit just to buy a few unique Christmas presents. Those ‘we are what we eat’ dolls are amazing but also rather strange – I’m not sure I would like the things I eat to grow out of the top of my head!! Barbara x

  11. Golly, those lampshades are fab. Would love to be able to do that!

  12. Love your shades. Christmas seems to be upon us. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha