Sunday, 26 October 2014

American Museum - Some More Titbits

One of the important things to me about blogging is the sharing of ideas and information. So I aim to post about interesting things I do or places I visit, that may be helpful to folk. I get a lot from other bloggers on that score so I like to pay a bit back into the pot when I can, so to speak.

I realise that not all my readers are based in the UK and may or may not ever get here. But I'd like to think, that like me, they enjoy reading about and seeing places regardless of whether they can visit or not.

Just recently I have been gleaning lots of info and tips from Blogworld about the Scottish Islands, as the Mister and I are planning a trip in the new year.
From the House of Edward and Where Five Valleys Meet have made some fabulous recommendations over the last year or so regarding Scotland and The Isles. Sharing at it's best.

So...........what to see at the museum. Well the gardens looked superb. We went late in the day so didn't have time to take a good walk around, but it looked picnic perfect to me. Next time we shall visit in the Summer months and spend the day there.

The museum opened in 1961 and is billed as the only museum of American Decorative and Folk Art outside the United States. There are three floors to explore in the main building, plus a Folk Art annexe and another building that houses the changing exhibitions.

There are numerous 'Period' rooms that are exhibits in themselves, quilts, textiles and Folk Art artefacts. Most of it interesting, although for me I did feel that the history and detail surrounding the subjugation of the Native American population was conspicuous in its absence.

As always, I was most taken with the wonderful examples of handmade items. They have a large collection of quilts, some rugs, antique dolls and surprisingly a case containing the Obama family in dolly form. Very good fun.

A big welcome to my two new Google Friend Connect followers, Dar Win and Jan.


  1. I've read quite a few posts about the American Museum on various blogs and it's now somewhere I'd love to visit if I'm ever in the area. I haven't read one negative review.

  2. I'm plain nosey and love knowing what folks get up to ;) x

  3. It's always interesting to read about interesting places to visit in other parts of the country. I had never heard of the American Museum before I read your post, Jean. Like Julee in a previous comment, I am also a nosey person and I like to know what people are doing as well. Best wishes from Carol

  4. Hi there, I am happy to have found your blog! I am from NS Canada and my spouse is from East Sussex - we visit there every year! - from Dar @ anexactinglife

    1. So pleased you have found the blog and I yours.


  5. Thanks for sharing this Jean - I never realised the gardens were so lovely and definitely worth a good look round too - its finding the time when there are so many things to see at the great Museum. I've been a couple of times now but there is never time for the gardens after going round everything else! Next time we'll go there first.
    Thanks for sharing and have a good week!
    Gill xx

  6. I'd just like the second the above....I've been 5 times.
    Back in the eighties! It's well worth a visit....Just outside
    Bath, at a place called Claverton.
    It's no secret...I'm very pro American...Love the people,
    food, the accent and most of all, the music. Back in the 60's when
    everyone was being silly over the Beatles, l took to Gospel,
    Motown and Soul! After spending 6mths down south, with
    the brothers and sisters...It became a religion to me.......!
    I was also allowed to go to places, that 'NO' white face would
    be allowed to go!
    Ah! The 60's...Wish l could relive them....! :).

    Might just have to pay another visit....After all it's only half
    hours drive for me....And, winter would be a favourite time
    for me to go.....!

  7. I've been a few times and always find it an enjoyable day out especially if the weather is good and you can sit outside with a slab of cake and take in the view! M x

  8. Thanks, Willie, for clueing me in on the location of this Museum .... a little tidbit which I believe Jean left out. :-) Glad to hear you have acquired a fine appreciation for all things Southern. Jean, keep up the good work. Your posts are always lively and very entertaining, not to mention instructive as well.

    1. Ah! Thankyou!
      Georgia! Georgia!
      The whole day through...(whole day through)
      Just an old sweet song,
      Keeps Georgia on my mind..(Georgia on my mind).

      Other arms reach out for me,
      Other eyes smile tenderly...
      (shall l go on....I know ALL the words).
      The great Ray Charles....1960.

    2. Sorry Judy, the link was in the first part of this two - parter, posted last Thursday about the American Museum and our visit to Kaffe's exhibition. I shouldn't assume everyone reads all my posts.


    3. I don't miss many! ��

    4. Those little boxes, thanks to Apple, don't translate very well. What actually should be seen there is: :-)

  9. Another wonderful post, Jean.
    I love the antique dolls x