Sunday, 30 November 2014

Some Christmas Fun With Willie (if you pardon the pun)

Drum roll please......................................................

I have postponed my intended blog post of today, in favour of a rather special guest blog post. Written by a super nice blogging chum of mine Willie. Regular readers will have often seen his funny and at times pertinent comments on my posts. They are always good value. If you want to find out even more about the Wonderful Willie, click on my link above or his below and you will be whisked through to his site, rapidamente. 

                      A Bit Of Ho Ho To Wish A Merry Christmas 

  Happy Christmas!

Firstly l have to say Thankyou..Grazie..Tack..Gracias..Obrigado..
Merci..Danke..To Jean, for asking me to do a guest post on her
When she asked me a couple weeks ago, l thought ‘goodness’.
Never done this before, l’m very much a verbal person, not a
writing one.
So! What to write about...I have a trilogy in my life....’Love Food,
Love Cats, Love Pink’. And of course ‘MY’ music....Goes with out
In the end...I thought l might just ramble on about Christmas.
After all, it started way back on October 1st. And, will soon be
upon us....”Silent Night..Holy Night....”. “No! Not now Willie”...

My memory takes me back to the age of five...We lived in a two
up, two down home..with an outside toilet..HeHe! God! The paper
At that time there were quite a few Italians living here, in our
town, and, we were friends with one family in particular.
In fact, the lady/Mum of that family is still with us to~day, aged
96, and, l still pop round to see her and have coffee. Lovely lady.
So, it was traditional that we all went to midnight mass, on Christmas
Eve. Then early hours we would go home, a Dad would dress up
as Father Christmas, and, give out the prezzies.
I used to think back then, how silly Father Christmas was..With ALL
the windows and doors...Why does he come down the chimney???
I used to get a Christmas stocking to...Every year...Colouring books,
toys, and an orange! As l got older, l used to think, ‘when am l gonna get a stocking, with a leg in it’. :). But, that’s another story!

So, then l moved on, for the next 10~12yrs l was in the
entertainment, business so Christmas then was spent somewhere
on stage...’Do’in ma thang’. So, the festive season, was quite
lengthy then. I worked for the Americans back then, and they
sure know how to party! Oh! Yes!  

In 1976 my daughter was born...Christmas was great. I just went
back to my childhood, and, played with her presents. Well! All except
the dolls! “Com’on Willie..You never stopped playing with Girls World”
“Well, just that one then”. :>).
And, just like any family, it’s great watching kids grow up, and enjoying
themselves, especially at Christmas.
From 1980, it was just the two of us, we spent Christmas with various
families and friends, and, of course new year!
Eat! Drink! And be Mary! HeHe!

 So my daughter is settled now, no children, but they have two
doggies, and three cats. I really look forward in going up there.
l go on the coach...Wells Fargo...! New places to pose about, and
new people to be rude to! Great Fun!
My visits to Cheshire Oaks, and Ikea in Nottingham, l really look
forward to....I~LOVE~TO~SHOP.
And, l get to sleep with Zeeva...She is lovely...In the wee hours of
the morn’in l usually wake up and there she is under the duvet,
licking my ankles...Kinky!
Oh! Sorry! Forgot to say...Zeeva is one of my daughters Staffy’s.
And, pussy~cat Az...Loves to settle on my chest, inches from my
face...And dribble! HeHe! Love Pussy~Cats! 
As you can tell, it’s ALL rather nice really, with cats and dogs, all
over the bed....Rather like the old days!  “Willie”.

 Finally.......Did l hear someone say..’Thank God for that’....
I hope you ALL have a great time this Christmas with family and
And, enjoy the high~light of Christmas...The Christmas cracker
jokes...You know the ones....
“Who hides in a bakery at Christmas”?
“A mince spy”

What is Santa’s favourite Pizza”?
“Deep~pan crisp and even”

“What do Elves learn at school”?
“The Elf~abet”.

May you all have love to share...wealth to spare...and, friends that care.
And remember....
“It’s nice to be important...But it’s important to be nice”.
                            Tanti Cari e affettuosi di Buon Natale,
                                  e Felice Ann Nuovo....

                                                 Willie....!    =(^..^)= 


To close, huge thanks to Willie for writing this heartfelt and humorous post. 

And as a footnote, a gentle reminder from me about voting for my blog in the UK Blog Awards 2015. The voting closes on December 3rd, that's this Wednesday. So if you would like to vote for me just click on the Blog Awards logo top right of this blog and you will be taken, quick sticks, straight through to my personal page. 

Many thanks to all of you lovely folk who have already voted. I will discover on December 15th whether or not I have gone through to the final round. Fingers crossed.


  1. Great post, Jean and the lovely Willie :o) Heartfelt indeed and it made me smile all the way through. Happy Christmas to you both. CT xx

    1. Thankyou! Grazie!
      Have left a little message on your 'Moth'
      Blog....! :).

    2. Hey Willie- the message didn't arrive. Christmas elves eaten it maybe? :o) x

    3. Oh! It's on your Moth Challenge Blog...
      It's just a link to...
      Yo may find interesting...

  2. Ahhh Willie I always love your humour! Thoroughly enjoyed his post....really don't know why he doesn't post on his blog....he has the spirit to do so!!!
    Already voted for you Jean...will keep fingers & toes crossed though meanwhile....that would be evenings as I need them normal during the day!
    keep well
    Amanda x

    1. Thanks very much for your vote, I appreciate it very much.

      Jean x

  3. A unique voice! Season's greetings to Willie and Jean.

  4. Thank you Willie, love the jokes :)

  5. Jean and Willie you just made my day! What a lovely chap you are Willie! Jean this was an inspired idea - perhaps we could have another 'Willie Post' (that is not supposed to sound rude - but it sort of does!!) from time to time. Hugs to you both x

    1. I think I've probably drained the poor man with this one. But I had a thought to ask other blogging chums to write a post for me. Perhaps you would like to do one for January Barbara ? Let me know.

      Jean x

    2. 'DRAINED' I've lost so much weight, l could
      fall down one....! :>).

      And! Yes! Come on Barbara, you could do one.
      The pay's not much, but, it's good fun! HeHe!
      If you do...Please keep the words of 3~4 letters,
      so l can understand and read it!

    3. Hello Jean, Willie and I were just reminiscing about this post. I'm so sorry I didn’t reply to the comment you left for me back then. I must do better!! Barbara

      (this is for Willie) The cat sat on the mat – 3 letters in each word and I know you like cats. :)

  6. Willie, you have really outdone yourself! Glad to know that I'm not the only one who knows what it was like not to have an indoor toilet in my early years. The "outhouse" it was called. Ah, but things soon improved considerably once I became a city girl. And I've never looked back. Let me take this opportunity to wish you and Jean a very jolly Christmas and I will be looking forward to keeping up with both of you in 2015. Jean is one smart and talented lady, isn't she!

    1. When l was 10yrs old we moved to a house that had
      a toilet attached to it....But, you still had to go outside
      to get to it! And, we still used square cut news paper
      on string....In current downstairs quite
      famous, people come from all over to use it. You have
      a choice of 5 different loo paper and holders, including
      square cut news paper on string...! :).
      'Job Done'.

    2. Thank you for all your kind words Judy. And a very Merry Christmas to you.

      Jean x

  7. I enjoyed the post, I love Christmas and hearing about how other people spend it and seeing as it's now December I'm ready to get in the Christmas spirit.

    1. Christmas Spirit.....??? Would that be...
      Whiskey! Gin! Vodka! :>).
      HeHe! Thankyou...!

  8. Willie...I'm beginning to think you are really Ken Dodd! Fabulous one liners and an all around lovely post.

    1. HeHe! Thankyou Laura...No! You can't beat
      a good one liner...
      "What did the bra say to the hat"?
      "You go on ahead....I'll give these two a lift". :>).