Friday, 21 November 2014

A Little of What You Fancy

I've always been an independent, some would say, strong willed kind of a girl. Right from the word go. As a baby, at primary school, through secondary, well you get the picture.

I know my own mind, can't be swayed, leader not follower etc

On the odd occasion I have even been known not to take the advice of someone, when It's pretty clear what they're saying is sound. (You can probably hear my husband howling with laughter at that last understatement).

About a week ago I was reading Sue's post here, she pointed out, quite rightly, how silly it would be to buy 'Christmas' bed linen to dress your room for the festivities. I concurred, a complete waste of money, a right con from the marketing bods who get us to part with our hard earned cash. Yes, yes I thought, how ridiculous.

That thought lasted for all of a nanosecond when I suddenly spied the frivolous example she had posted on her blog.

Instantly smitten.

Straight over to the website to take a closer look.

Then of course I started reasoning with myself. We do need some new bedlinen, one of the sets we use is mighty ancient. And, if I decommission that one, and give it to my chum Ann she will recycle the fabric into something wonderfully crafty like a rag rug. So no waste. 

I had recently said to the Mister that any bedlinen we buy in the future should really be white so it will fit in with any colour scheme. But our bedroom at the moment is mainly cream and grey, so wouldn't a nice red bed set make the room warm and cosy? Why yes, and doesn't this set have a lot of my favourite things printed on it? Yes again.

Now the tricky bit, to get a discount on my purchase. This is essential when buying something new instead of pre-loved. First thing, sign up to the Marks and Spencer site for details of any offers. Also check with Top Cashback to see if they offer a percentage on M&S purchases. Then sit back and wait.

I arrived back from a trip up North yesterday. Whilst away I had popped into the huge M&S store in Manchester to check the bed linen out, just to make sure I loved it as much as I thought. I did.

Checking my emails last night, a little message from M&S offering 20% off a wide range of products. I quickly double checked our duvet size, then placed the order via my Top Cashback account. As it was free P&P with orders over £50.00 I also ordered another two small presents that I needed and got 20% off them too.

In total I saved over £17.00. And the duvet set is now out of stock and no longer on their site. That was a close call, phew.

If you think you would like to make a few essential purchases at M&S the discount code is NOV14EM and is valid on clothing, homeware and beauty, until November 24th.  Not that I'm encouraging you, you understand.


  1. Mr N cannot understand why I ever need to buy anything new, especially towels and bed linen. In fact we're still using the sheets that once (27 years ago) tucked up the first Mr N.
    Lucky you!

  2. Firstly...I think l should say...Give up
    them cigars...! :).

    I too am a leader NOT a follower! Typical
    Virgo....Perfectionist, Practical, Critical,
    Intelligent? Modest...HeHe! etc..etc..
    Bed linen...? I did'nt know what to say
    really...Thought l might sleep on it first!
    Of course...It's no secret...My bed linen,
    like my bedroom is 'ALL' pink...A few years
    back, Argos had of range of 'Sicilian' bed linen.
    Mostly two tone pink, and quite 'funky'. What it
    had to do with Sicily, l don't really know! So, l
    bought a couple of sets...Good quality to..For
    Argos anyway! And, l still use them. The only
    other colour in the bedroom, is white, the units
    where l keep my cloths etc...One unit is full, of
    cloths from the 60's. And, ALL still in good nick.
    Don't use a washing machine see! Horrid things,
    should be banned! HeHe! Ruins cloths, colour,
    and the quality...I still wear cloths from back then,
    to~day, and, they still look as if they were bought
    last week. Never go out looking shabby!
    "Every Street Is a Catwalk".

    The bed linen up top there is o.k. 'NOT' pink, but o.k.
    At least after Christmas you could turn it over and use
    the other side...Have the Christmas trees on the inside!
    Might tickle yer fancy...! :>).

    1. Willie, your comments are always such good value:)
      Jean x

  3. You are funny, I've been pondering over festive bed linen. Mike keeps on looking at me with horror when I mention it. Hasn't stopped a pile of festive cushions appearing though.

  4. Ha! This is brilliant, you made me chuckle so much. That bed linen is lovely, actually. :)

    Have a great weekend x

  5. Actually her post about the impracticality of seasonal bed linen made me respond that I would probably buy it if I was in the UK! Absolutely love it and I hope you enjoy it every single day that you use it!

    1. Thanks very much Lynda, and thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment.
      Jean x

  6. PS did you get the bed linens and do you still love them?

    1. Well, in truth, I've had a complete mare with M&S. They accepted my full order, 3 items including the bedlinen. Then 5 days later sent me an email saying the bedlinen was out of stock. Of course I called them and have had numerous conversations with their customer services, they've been complete rubbish. But i called the Manchester store as my son is at Uni there and they had a set. So my lovely boy picked it up and will be sending me the set today. Apparently M&S no longer send items from stores, even when they've stuffed up.

      Jean x