Tuesday, 2 December 2014

The Downs & Ups of Life

Poor old Pendragon has been in the wars of late. She first had to visit the vet to have her fur combed through and de-matted, as she stubbornly refuses to let us groom her. Frankly she looked like a trampette. They had to put her out for that, which wasn't nice for her. But she looked like a kitten when she came back, quite the young thing. It even put her in a good mood for a few days.

A wee bit later I had to take her back to the vet for her annual vaccinations. The vet gave her a thorough examination and told me that unfortunately some teeth needed to come out because she had lesions on them.

In the event, they had to remove 4 teeth and she had an overnight stay. Poor thing, she trembles just sitting in the vet's waiting room. It has taken her over a week to get back to some sense of normality, well, as normal as a cat can be! And it has taken us more or less the same amount of time to get over it all as well. I surprised myself at just how upset it made me feel.
And the expense, OUCH.

Still not all bad news last week. My free 6 month membership of the Army & Navy club came through, compliments of my Lady magazine subscription. The club has a very swish address, which amuses me, as it's all very Downton.

My good friend Linda (aka Prof) and I paid a visit to 'my club' on Friday, as she had some business at Westminster Cathedral. We had a very reasonably priced lunch in the bar with a little drink and came away fortified to shop.

There was only one shop I wanted to visit - Anthropologie. They had 20% off everything in the store for one day only and I had a £25.00 gift voucher to spend. Definitely a win win situation. I'm pleased to say that I only made one purchase, a set of 4 bowls to replace some chipped ones. So I didn't get carried away with all the Black Friday discounts and Christmas hype. Very important at this time of year.

And doubly important when you're in a shop with so many temptations. Prof had never been before and was totally smitten. She came away with a bagful of goodies, mostly presents for her friends. That's the kind of gal she is.


  1. Ah! Bless! Tell Pendragon not to worry....
    I tremble sitting in the waiting room to...! :).

    It's no secret...I~LOVE~CATS.......Loveliest
    creatures on the planet....That includes humans.
    Oh! Yes! HeHe! I have always had a way with them.
    One slept with me in my Moses crib as l baby. Always
    loved them...And, they've always loved me!
    When l came back to this country first, had cat, called
    Darlinga..To her to the vet for vaccinations...Sat next to
    an elderly lady, who had a Siamese on her lap, with a
    harness on. Started to talk to her. After a while her cat,
    got up, stretched, and wandered over to my lap and settled
    down. The old lady could'nt believe it...She told me the her cat
    was 17yrs old. She has children, grandchildren..friends etc..
    But, her cat has never..ever...got on any ones lap before...17yrs.
    Only hers...And then mine! Bless!
    And, l have a friend, who has a cat Suzy...She won't get on any
    ones lap except mine....Not even his! :>).

  2. Gorgeous bowls - well done :) And congrats on being "restrained".

    Yeah - it seems all animals "fear" the vet - almost as though they know what goes on there and can "sense" the other animals' suffering. They are wiser than us humans...

  3. awwww....she is so pretty......and lucky you we don't have an Anthropolgie in Oz but it doesn't stop me window shopping online xxx

  4. I love those bowls, really pretty. Poor Pendragon, my cat needs her teeth cleaned but I am worried about putting her through it x

    1. It's a tricky one. But the vet will tell you if you don't get them cleaned then it will lead to decay and pain for the cat. Having said that we had Pendragon's teeth cleaned the year before last and still have had problems. The first vet who saw her recently said it was gingivitis and gave her some medicine, when I took her back for the follow up check, another vet said it wasn't and that she needed the tooth out. When I picked her up after the op they had taken out 4 teeth!!!! But they said she would have been in pain with them. Who's to know?


    2. Can l just say....In my post...I mentioned pussy~cat
      Az...Up at my daughters, who settles on my chest,
      and dribbles. That according to my daughter is gingivitis.
      She did have four cats, but, Cassey died last year, of it.
      The vet can't do that much, except to keep an eye on it.
      There is no, known cure for a cat. Cassey was 16 though
      when she died.

  5. I hope your beautiful cat is all better now, know what you mean about vet's bills, sometimes I think , hell I could have bought several dogs for the amount spent, but that's not the point is it, they are part of the family. I loved the advert at the bottom of your post, lovely animation! x

  6. Poor Pendragon, poor you too.

    How swish, Anthropologie AND Club membership too! I really like your bowls.

  7. Awww, poor Pendragon. It's horrible for them when they're so scared, it's not as though you can really explain things to an animal, is it? Glad she's feeling better though now. I love those bowls, they're so pretty.

  8. You are so posh - The Lady indeed! And I long to visit Anthropologie.