Saturday, 8 November 2014

Interested in Pinterest?

Today I want to share some of the lovely images on my Pinterest Boards for those of you who have never visited. 

I collect images that are fun, useful, inspiring or so wonderful in their own right they just have to be pinned. I need to pin them and keep them so I can pop back now and then for a little fix.

Using the virtual boards also allows me to keep my real pin boards in my little office space, relatively uncluttered.

I haven't 'worked' at building up a following with my boards but surprisingly have over 2,400 followers. 

Oh to have that many followers on my own dear blog. Which I really do work at, but must work harder on obviously.

Hedy, Iris and India from my STRONG WOMEN BOARD

Mora Clocks, Norwegian Forest Cat and Print from my SCANDI/NORSE BOARD

Angela, Vintage Tot and Father Christmas from my FABULOUS KNITTERS BOARD

I think my collection of Pinterest boards reflect my personality to a degree but perhaps also show where my interests and aspirations lie. So you, my lovely blogging chums may want to take a peek.
(You can visit by clicking the link on the right.)

You only have to look at my 'Must Do Regardless' board though to see I have delusions of grandeur.

A warm welcome to my latest Google Friend Connect Follower, June Holt. I can't see that you have a blog June but do let me know if I have missed it.

(All images in this post were pinned from Pinterest and can be found on my boards with details of where I found them).


  1. I love Pinterest, such a useful tool to keep all the things you love. When I am feeling uninspired I browse the boards and my head is soon buzzing with loads of ideas. Your boards are lovely I especially like your Scandi Board x

  2. I too love Pinterest and don't know how I managed before I discovered it! I find it quite heady at times, so much beauty and inspiration, and so many useful tips, ideas and recipes too.
    I can't wait to go take a look at your pins so expect lots of re-pinning from me Jean!
    Off I go and thanks for sharing!
    Gill xx

  3. Yes, Pinterest is great! Some people don't seem to "get" it (Mr N, for example), but it is such an easy way to collect ideas and interesting, inspiring pictures. I've learned a lot too by following up various ideas etc.
    Blooming heck - I thought I was doing well with 172 followers!

  4. I love Pinterest. Pinning is highly addictive though! x