Sunday, 23 November 2014

We're Off To Wales

I haven't been to Wales since I was a child. Our family spent many days there holidaying in the late 1960s. My overriding memory is rain. Tons of it.

But dear readers because so many of my blogging chums have set up home there and are loving it, I have decided to pop back and re-visit. Thankfully I won't be staying in a leaky tent this time.

The mister is taking me away for my birthday which is coming up soon, to stay in Bernard Ashley's old country house, Llangoed Hall. It's very close to Hay-on-Wye, which we've been longing to visit, but haven't managed to thus far.

During my holiday research I stumbled upon this little film of rural Powys made in the 1960s when electricity was introduced to Ystradfellte. I thought you might like to see it. The film has been digitised by experts at the National Library of Wales. The dear little old lady at the end of the film is my favourite.

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  1. ooooO! Burfday! Llongyfarchiadau! (Yvonne will translate).

    That video is a gem! The old fella up the ladder, HeHe!
    Could'nt remember how old he was! :). Brilliant!

    Still, l can remember living without electricity/gas, goodness,
    with outside loo's, newspapers cut into squares as 'Bum Fodder'
    What's 'Bum Fodder'....Fodder for da Bum! :>).
    Oh! Dear! Memories!

    Have a lovely time in Wales Jean...Don't forget yer passprt! And
    Visa! Bless!

    1. Italian and Welsh! How many more languages do you know, I wonder? My Welsh isn't all that great, unfortunately, but Llongyfarchiadau means congratulations :)

    2. Daniel Day-Lewis went for his Knighthood last week..
      And as Prince Charlie place the sword on his shoulder!
      He said to him....Llongyfarchiadau...!
      The newspaper showed the translation! :).

  2. Oh, Many Happies S&P :)

    Wales - I have always wanted to visit it. The Welsh have such an amazing lilt to their voices, and it has such a beautiful scenery - food for the soul. Enjoy :)

  3. You will love Hay, all the book shops are wonderful. We've not been that way for several years so I'm very envious.
    have a lovely time

  4. Aww, Happy birthday Jean, that sounds amazing!

    You'll have a wonderful time at Hay on Wye, I absolutely love it there, although I haven't been for quite a while. I have many cherished books from there too. x

  5. Happy birthday, have a wonderful time in Wales.

  6. When I think of Hay-on-Wye, I think of books ..... always a beautiful thought. I envy very much your getting to go there and will look forward to your "book report" when you return home. One can never have too many books. :-)

  7. Thanks for all the good wishes folks. Not off just yet, but will report back pronto once I've been. Something to look forward to. Next post I have to show you 'Alice' at Chatsworth.
    Jean x

  8. We had to cancel a trip to Wales in the summer, but I can't wait to go next year. I have Powys ancestry too - great grandmother, Caroline Cadwallader.

  9. Happy birthday, I hope you have a super time.

  10. Have a great time in Wales.

    I remember the time in my Welsh childhood when the lamplighter used to come around in the evenings to spark up the gaslights on street corners.

  11. Oh, we love Hay. Have a wonderful time ... M x