Tuesday, 25 November 2014

"You Used To Be Much More......Muchier. You've Lost Your Muchness".

Plenty of Alice in Wonderland muchness at Chatsworth last week when the Mister and I popped up to see the house decorated for Christmas and to visit their Christmas market. Like you do.

This little door was about two feet high, positioned along one of the main corridors.

Ah Chatsworth, how I love thee.

And how I loved your Christmas market too.

I've always wanted to have a word with this man !
It's extraordinary the amount of work that goes into transforming Chatsworth for the festive season. It never fails to disappoint. Everyone we saw on the day had a huge smile on their face. And as always the staff were a complete delight. We found gorgeous Christmas presents for some of the family and had the most enjoyable day.

If you have never been to Chatsworth I would urge you to go. Click on the link at the top and you can see what's still to come this year.

Welcome to my latest Google Friend Connect follower, Marielle Collins who blogs here about her artistic work.

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  1. Did I ever ask you if you have a sister called Chrissie?

    UK Blog awards??? I thought you might have voted for me (even though I'm not in the UK).

    1. Evening Cro. No sister called Chrissie, in fact no sister at all. Poor me.

      I would gladly vote for you in the Blog Awards if you have entered? After all your blog is read in the UK.


  2. What can one say.....When the first picture to hit
    you in the face is...The rear end of a dog! Obviously
    one that's been to the vet.....! :>).

    But..I do love Alice in Wonderland.....Oh! Yes!
    Right back to Fiona Fullerton in 'The Adventures of Alice
    in Wonderland' in 1972.
    Never read the books...(Don't read books)...But, l do
    remember some of the sayings from the films....
    "Can't go back to yesterday, because l was a different person".

    "Why sometimes, l believe as many as six impossible things
    before breakfast".

    "We're all mad here".

    And of course...
    "Off with their heads".

  3. Just like entering into another world. Fantastic.

  4. I bet its a magical place to visit at Christmas, I'm glad you had an enjoyable day.

  5. Ooh, I'm feeling all festive now....

    Particularly liked the bottom. For a second I thought it was Pooh stuck in Rabbit's burrow entrance :o)

  6. I'm usually Bah Humbug until the first of December then go Christmas mad but your post has given me a little tingle of early Christmas spirit. Magical!

  7. Oh, this is blooming gorgeous! Thank you for sharing, and good luck with the Blog Awards! x

  8. I love it, especially the rabbit!! going to Google now so just need some dog sitters for a day...........nope kids didn't take the hint lol x

  9. It looks fabulous. I've never been to Chatsworth but it's on the list. There was a programme on not so long ago about it and it whetted my appetite even more. I'd like to visit when the Christmas market's on as that looks great too.