Saturday, 13 September 2014


The not so well kept secret is out and the mystery plant is an Akebia Quinata, known as the Chocolate Vine.

Thank you to all of my blogging chums who left a comment about the strange looking pods. Some of the comments were very funny indeed so I hope it has given everyone a chuckle if nothing else.

From my research it would seem that the bitter skin of the pods can be eaten fried and the leaves have been used as a tea substitute. The seed oil can be put to good use as well, in the making of soap and vegetable oil.

The seeds can also be pureed and made into a drink that has a mild coconut milk flavour.

I'm not sure I'll be partaking of anything the plant has to offer at the moment, but you never know, if times get hard.........

A new addition to my front garden this week is a very pretty little statue that I managed to win at a local auction house. I'm very fond of old classical garden statues but they are normally way out of my price range. This piece isn't particularly old, maybe 30 years or so, who knows? But I think she has real charm. Reminding me of the exquisite, Birth of Venus by Botticelli.

She's a good size, about 5 feet high and tremendously heavy, so let's hope nobody takes a shine to her and decides she may look better in their garden rather than mine.


  1. Well! I think it's extremely rude....HeHe!
    You should have got a male model.......
    (Goodness! That takes me back). You'd
    get that little bit extra...I suppose the idea
    is...To guess it's name now!
    Still! Give it a rub down with the Sporting
    Life...And...Paint it.....Yes! Pink!

    Seriously though...I do like it....Don't think
    anyone will nick it. That big, and at that weight!

    Mind you...It looks more like a Botticelli ...From
    the rear! :>).

  2. She is lovely, but I hope that you have her in the back garden away from prying eyes - the rogues seem to be able to move anything these days - a whole roof of rare cotswold stone tiles were taken from around here recently whilst the owners slept soundly.

  3. I wonder whether you could winter-proof her using the oils from your Chocolate Vine.....? I rather like her.

  4. I am agreeing with Willie here Jean it saves me a lot of typing

  5. I can't believe anyone in your neighborhood would stoop so low as to nick your statue! Great find!