Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

I have taken a leaf out of Rosemary's book today, to pose a green fingered question. Something strange has been lurking in our garden. Giant pods that have burst their breeches to reveal a gooey, sticky and somewhat spotty innards.

Does anybody out there know what planet or indeed what plant they are from? NO GOOGLING mind, that's cheating. A clue: they are edible.

Sorry no prizes this time, but I will be putting together a most sumptuous and delightful giveaway for an upcoming blog anniversary. Watch this space as they say.

They don't come with a free pound coin either btw, it's a size comparison as you well know.

Hello and welcome to my latest Google Friends Connect follower, Kylie.


  1. They are edible but do they taste nice! Yikes, they look like giant zombie caterpillars...
    Give us a clue please Jean. :)

  2. That looks quite creepy actually. I haven't a clue what it is and wouldn't even know what to type into Google to search for it. It really does look as though it's from another planet! x

  3. No idea, Jean. But definitely curious now....

  4. mmmmM! Ah! ooooO! My!
    Well! it's certainly NOT an iPod!

    So! A wild guess!
    Castanea comes to mind....Commonly known
    as the Bottle tree...AND...NO....I don't mean bottles
    stuck on the end of branches, to make a 'bottle' tree!
    God! Knows where l'm going with this....I need another
    lemon tea! Ciao!

    I know! We'll ask David.....! He will know!

    1. I have just returned from town....Meet up with
      four friends in Costa...I mentioned this pod thing.
      My friend Mandy..Who's a bit of a gardener, said it
      was from the bush, 'lacebark'...God knows!
      Then someone from the next table...(nosey parker),
      said it was a 'cocoa pod'...Then l had 10~12 people
      in Costa airing their views...Certainly had some silly
      Still....Perhaps you'll tell us, sometime before Christmas! :>).

    2. Willie, you totally crack me up. I will put you all out of your misery in my next post which will probably be on Friday. Just to give everyone who visits my blog time to see the post. And of course to see if anyone in Starbucks might know.


    3. Starbucks! Starbucks! Would'nt be dead in the place!
      Try and get a spoon in Starbucks! Terrible places.
      And! The coffee! Well! less said the better! :>(.

      O.K.. Friday then! Early! As l'm being taken out for
      a fish and chips lunch on Poole Quay!
      Well! someone loves me! HeHe! :>).

    4. aaaaaargh! This is do'in me 'ead in...! :>).
      I sent this post off...To four, so called gardening
      friends....Yeah! Right! Friends! Yes! Gardening!
      No! HeHe!
      Though l had two text's this morn'in....Suggesting..
      1)It's a pod off a 'chocolate tree'. and 2) off a
      'cotton tree'......!
      Finally l think the pod looks 75yrs old....Therefore
      it's a 'has~bean'.
      I'm off for my uuuuumpteeeth cuppa lemon tea! :>).

    5. Willie, you're such an impatient little monkey. I'm not sure that asking lots of chums isn't the same as googling it really. But as it's you and I think there is a distinct possibility you might bust your breeches if I don't tell you, it is a pod from.............Akebia Quinata, the chocolate vine.

      Now breathe and let it all go :)



    6. Well...You see it's no secret...I suffer from 'Stress'
      and 'Anxiety'. Always have...Always will...Spend
      most of my life running around on the ceiling! HeHe!
      I'd be patient if l had the time...
      Chocolate vine....Sounds strange....Would'nt it melt
      in the summer....You see, l feel better already....And,
      yes! I did ask friends...That's not Googling....You said
      No Googling...So! no Googling...That's one thing in my
      favour...Strong will power.....!
      So! Fankyou...Fankyou....I'll sleep to~night now...Not that
      l sleep a lot anyway......
      Chocolate vine.....I'm off to Google that now...! :>)

  5. If they are edible, tell me how you would eat one? Is a recipe required? I'll bet they are interesting when dried, maybe in some decorative arrangement, or do they retain a bad odor after dry. Fill us in! I've never heard of this thing on my side of the pond. :-)

  6. HeHe! As you can see....This chocolate vine has
    'done' my head in....I'd never heard of it either!
    But! I have Googled it...followed ALL the links...
    And, it will tell you ALL you need to know.....
    You can even make wine from them....Very interesting
    read...! And! A lovely looking plant! :).

  7. Willie you made Jean give the game away, anyway wasnt it fun for both of you

    1. Morn'in David.....Yes! Are'nt l a rascal! :).
      I honestly thought you'd be there first with
      an answer though! :>).

  8. Hello Jean, I had absolutely no idea what it was, but I had a lot of fun reading the comments and finding out. Willie is such a card! Lovely post and comments. Happy weekend to all, Barbara x