Tuesday, 16 September 2014

After Dinner Entertainment

The mister and I had a smashing Saturday evening, visiting some fairly new friends for dinner. I didn't document and photograph every thing we ate and drank, (even though it was all delicious and well presented), as I would rather enjoy the moment than record it. But I did take a few pics of the 'terribly artistic' models produced after we had finished eating. Which you might guess was quite late into the evening.

After dinner, Anita, our hostess, suddenly produced a small pack of modelling clay, gave us all a good wodge of it and said "make something". Here is what we all made.

Jeremy's, Dog, Duck & Anita.

Anita's, Dog.
Funny that both husband and wife sculpted their gorgeous and huge Labradoodle, Bertie. Although he was circling the table like a loveable lunatic.

The Mister's Stonehenge with sacrifice

Mine, an extra from Chicken Run
Btw the beer wasn't mine, I was the nominated driver for the evening, so a single glass of Prosecco was imbibed as an aperitif.


  1. I love this! What a brilliant idea. Stonehenge with sacrifice and your chicken are my favourites :o) xx

  2. That's really brilliant...HeHe!
    I've three dinner parties this weekend...Burfday
    and all...Main one one Sunday for ten..Can l afford
    that much play~doh.....We'll sit down at one......
    And go through till 9~10...We finish up with 6~8
    cheeses, olives, salami, and, l have a nice 25yr old
    bottle of port...Then it's "Put your singles on Willie"
    (Only make two)...Then...Then...The photos...Goodness!
    By the time we finish, there are photos ALL over the place.
    As l still keep them in a shoe box...I have about 200 of the
    old B/W 3x3 little squared photos...All 60yrs old plus!
    Great fun....

    Though! I don't think l'll pass out the play~doh...HeHe!
    God knows what they'll come up with....
    Though l do like yours from the film 'Chicken Run'.
    Sat on top of that bottle....No wonder it's got a 'smile'
    on it's face....! :>)>

  3. Oh, that sounds like a lot of fun :) Love stonehenge and the chickie too :)

  4. Sounds like the ideal after dinner entertainment, what fun!

  5. Replies
    1. I asked and got "no one in particular, just thought it would set the scene".


  6. Well, it was different anyway.

  7. What fun and just a little bit bonkers! And I must say that Shrimpton and Perfect's crafting genius wins hands down!

  8. Ha ha! I love this idea, and the Stonehenge, complete with sacrifice, is perfect! x

  9. What a great idea for after dinner. In the past when we had young children visit (they're older now) I would put plain paper table clothes on the table with a jar of felt pens so that they could draw between courses.

  10. I would never have thought to do this but what a fun idea! I’m going out to buy a pack of that modelling clay right now! The human sacrifice is too funny. Have a lovely weekend. x