Monday, 30 June 2014

Upcycling & Recycling Kinda Weekend

So you know how it is. You have some things forever, you love them, you'd never be parted from them and other things you have for a while and well, you just want to change them. Aha I hear you say, but are you not a super scrimpy type of person who does not waste money willy nilly replacing things that are not worn down to the bone? Yes I emphatically reply, I am indeed a super scrimper, but I do get bored with some of the things I own. Time for action then.

I loved this cushion when I bought it in 2012, it was the Queen's Jubilee year you see. I loved it so much I bought two. Now it has fallen out of favour. It's sister cushion has already been sold at a boot fair a few weeks back, so this one has been 'living' on borrowed time.

I thought I had found a solution last week when I chanced upon a gorgeous silk cushion in one of the local chazzas. It was perfect, if a little grubby. So I soaked it for a few hours to get rid of the dirty marks, disastrously the two main colours of the cushion leached into one another and the cover was ruined. That really pissed me off. But I did still have the feather cushion pad so all was not totally lost. This prompted me to give the Queenie cushion a make over, rather than buy another cover.

I carefully unpicked the cover and used the front piece as a template for my 'new' cushion. I had intended to recycle the piping and the zip but to be honest I only managed to salvage the zip as I couldn't sew a straight and tight enough line to make the piping look right. Never mind. The back part of the cover was in good condition so I re-used that.

I had a delve in my fabric stash and decided to liberate some Frida Kahlo fabric that I ordered from America a few years ago. It has been waiting for the right project and this was it.

So I have a fresh and 'new' cushion for my sofa with minimum expenditure. Job done.

This weekend I also managed to convince the Mister to sort out all of the old clothes he no longer wears, or are too worn out to keep. He took all of his old gardening rags clothes to the tip with a completely naff rug and other undesirables, then pensioned off some old t shirts and trousers, they have become his new gardening togs. Any clothing with some life but not really needed or wanted was dropped off at the Chazza today. I also have a couple of items to list on ebay.

I do love a good sort out.


  1. Oh you made me howl, a cushion "living on borrowed time" You pillow hit man you. I love your new cushion it's fab x

  2. Love love love the Frida Kahlo fabric! I love the old cushion as well, I'm suffering from serious cushion envy :)

  3. How n earth did you get your Mister to sort out clothes. I swear I will be buried under an avalanche of my husbands clothes! Your cushion is fab & I liked the old one too!

  4. Jean sewing matters? have to pass on that one but lovely all the same

  5. Well done, I am such a hoarder and wish I could be brave to chuck out stuff!

  6. Mr N would happy wear his old clothes until they turned to dust - and when he was a young thing he worked in an establishment with a large "rag bag" for use as dusters etc. He was in heaven - no need to buy new clothes!

  7. I have a terrible time with H he will not throw anything out, when I say this has had it, he always responds with "that is my favourite shirt."
    I have never seen Freda Kahlo fabric before - it is lovely.

  8. Oh, how I wish I could get my man to have a clear out. He has at least half a dozen navy polo shirts that are past it, ancient 'lucky' shirts, sad jeans and lots more but he won't part with any of them!
    Love that cushion!
    M x

  9. HeHe! Goodness! I'm ALL behind...Must be these tight trousers! :).
    It's no secret...My two large wardrobes would put most ladies
    wardrobes to shame. The contents...Not the wardrobes!
    Also! I don't have a horrid washing machine...Evil things....Made
    by the devil...! Ruin cloths, colour, shape...Arrrrrrrgh! Horrid!

    NO! Clear outs necessary in my home....My cloths go back to
    the 60's and 70's...Still...Pristine, colourful, and fresh as new!
    I'm a Virgo see......Has to be right!
    So! I'm afraid the charity shops get nowt from this Sicilian.....!
    Still wearing it.....! :>).

  10. I must admit, I am a de-clutter Queen but what is it with men? My husband will not part with his 80s shirts because they will fit again when he loses weight (my a**e!). There's a Starsky cardigan in the wardrobe (I like that actually) and the other day I discovered 3 brand new C&A shirts still in the packets that he bought when C&A were closing - God knows when that was! They seem to have a fear of letting go for some reason.

    Love your re-vamped cushion, Jean.

    Best wishes from Carol

  11. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love your new cushion, I could do with some new ones myself but I'm not very good in the sewing department, perhaps some new crochet ones would do the job. I've been having a clear out this week too. It's amazing just how long I've had some things in my wardrobe for, quite embarrassing really, especially as I haven't worn them for years.

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments folks. It seems there are quite a few of us who struggle to wrench tatty clothing out of the mitts of our men. And we 'd obviously have no chance with Willie.

    Jean x

  13. that is beautiful fabric, the feather pillows are so nice, I really like them, have a great July 1st, imagine already!

  14. That fabric is fab-u-lous - perfect for your cushion. I have made cushion covers out of old shirts before now and the good thing is where the shirt buttons up it makes the perfect opening to slip a cushion pad in.

    1. What a great tip Elaine.Thanks for that.

      jean x

  15. I love your new cushion, something personal to you and so pretty. I was looking for a link to your eBay page but couldn't find it. I will go and have another look around your blog after I leave this. Have a lovely weekend, Barbara x

  16. I love your new cushion, you managed to save the zip on your old one too, which is brilliant. Such a gorgeous fabric :)