Sunday, 22 June 2014

Inspiring Women

Not exactly being a spring chicken anymore, I'm always heartened when I see some positive news coverage about women who are over fifty and still contributing to something worthwhile, and really enjoying their success.

Suzy Menkes at age 70, has just left the high profile position of fashion editor for The International New York Times after 26 years. Not because she is retiring, oh no! But because she has been coaxed away by Conde Nast to become the new International Vogue Editor. I think that is absolutely brilliant.

She comes across as a woman who has her own ideas about everything and says and does what she feels. Suzy does not need to go with the flow, she creates her own waves. She is my kind of person.

She has a family of three children and five grandchildren who she adores, they are "the real part of my life". Completely down to earth she feels very strongly about "the ecological cost of fashion and the terrible business of cheap prices". She is all for fashion on a human scale, I think she would be as swayed by an upcycled item as a haute couture one. I hope she really enjoys herself at her new job, she sounds like a good egg to me.

If you like the sound of that lady you are gonna love the look and style of this lady, Carmen Dell 'Orefice, at aged 83years, the oldest working fashion model in the world.

Right, I'm off now to trim my Lonicera Nitida while the sun shines, if you'll pardon the expression.


  1. HeHe! If you mean honeysuckle.....Say so! :).
    Or in fact, it has two common names.....
    Boxleaf Honeysuckle and Wilson's Honeysuckle!

    83 and still modelling...Look'in gooood! Yes! Think
    l'd let her take me out for coffee...Perhaps two....! :>).

    Well! can't sit to water my 'Tradescantia
    fluminensis'. And...Zebrina pendula looks a bit dry to!

  2. Hello Willie, Carmen's father was Italian so maybe you two would have a lot in common. I'm sure she'd love to take you out for a coffee, or two.

    Jean x

    1. HeHe! I'll get on to it right away....! :).
      I'm not expensive to take out...

  3. Very interesting post, I've never heard of the first lady but I have seen the second. She's stunning for her age isn't she?

  4. What's even more amazing than her beauty is her positivity and drive. Last year she had a double knee replacement, but was back in high heels just three months after. She has had quite a difficult life one way or another but still presses on making the most of every opportunity. I really admire her spirit.

    Jean x

  5. Wonderful to see a positive view on aging and strong successful women. All to often in the media, women are devalued/judged wholly in terms of their appearance and age. Life is so much richer after 30!
    Shauna. x

  6. I remember Suzy Menkes from a long time ago, her name certainly rang a bell, interesting to see what she look like now, and wonder two things - why she adopted that hairstyle as her signature look and why she wants to carry on working in what must be a stressful environment when she could quite easily retire and enjoy the fruits of her labours.

    As for Miss Dell O'Refice she must be the only model that has actually improved with age although I would imagine she has had an awful lot of 'work' done on her face - sorry, is that just me being 'catty'.

  7. Hi Elaine, I can answer your first question. The story behind the hair is in the early 90s, she was tired of her hair falling in her eyes, so a stylist at John Frieda did it up for her, and she has stuck with it ever since. I suspect rather like Isabella Blow's hats it makes her instantly recognisable.

    I suspect she still works because it is an exciting and stimulating industry, one in which she is highly respected, so i would think it still gives her a real buzz and affords her the opportunity of working with some really creative and interesting people. Her much loved husband passed away 14 years ago, so her work is her life and defines her, but still leaves her time to spend with the rest of her family.

    Jean x

  8. Two extremely inspirational ladies.

    Carmen Dell 'Orefice is still truly beautiful x