Monday, 9 June 2014

Some Good News

I know that most, if not all of my blog followers are animal lovers who respect the connectivity between us and creatures and indeed plants come to that. I want to share this little film with you. Produced by Peace by Piece, an Animal Asia new landmark campaign to help rescue and rehabilitate over 130 moon bears in Nanning, China.

These bears have been kept in the cruellest conditions, many trapped in tiny cages from birth and farmed for their bile. Their aim is to take them from farm to freedom.


  1. What a happy little soul.....!
    That's because...He has the Bear necessities! :).

  2. Willie stop the puns I can`t bear it, Jean so sad that people can be so cruel

    1. HeHe! Sorry David...Think l've dropped
      a BoBo! Or even a Yogi!
      Does'nt 'bear' thinking about...Does it!
      If you want more...Please send £5 to....

  3. Aww, this is good news indded. So sweet x

    ^^ Laughing at Willies puns :D

  4. Why do things like this make you cry when it's a happy thing ?

  5. What a sweet thing!
    Just wish we humans could respect the connectivity between humans more successfully, don't you?