Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The Garden Today

This is the first time we have grown Raspberries. We were given some small plants a couple of years ago, last year they didn't really fruit, or if they did Mr Birdie must have beaten us to it. But this year we are having some luck. Not huge amounts but enough to snaffle. I'm thinking some Raspberry ice cream would be good. But I wonder if the flavour will come through enough, has anybody made some? And have you any tips to pass on?

These droopy looking specimens were picked up at the weekend from a fellow Freegler.

Hamburg vine and another vine from the Champagne region. I'm really hoping these survive as I adore stuffed vine leaves and have a rather special recipe for same.

The same Freegler also gave us some Eau de Cologne Mint cuttings, that seems to be faring a bit better, although not much.

We saw this beautifully fragrant mint at Sissinghurst a couple of weeks ago and so were very keen to have some for our garden.

If the plant gets established and thrives maybe I could get my Apothecary friend to distill the mint and make a refreshing cologne, that would be amazing.

Our Roses continue to enchant, but look at this, seemingly two different blooms on one plant.


  1. I love the nosey round the garden posts. Your raspberries look great and your rose is beautiful, our rose bush is on the critical list after the chooks got it last year lol

  2. Raspberries are looking great, not sure about the taste of Raspberry ice cream but Raspberry ripple would make the taste stand out more, if you could put up with the faffing of swirling it into the mixture.

    1. Thanks Joanne, don't mind a bit of faffing, raspberry ripple sounds a good idea.

      Jean x

  3. Thanks for sharing your garden, the raspberries look delicious. Some lovely raspberry sauce swirled into Icecream seems worth any amount of faff. I am growing both red and golden raspberries, the gold not as tasty as the red but very pretty.x

  4. I’m afraid I would have to eat the raspberries, just as they are – they look delicious. I’m growing a chocolate mint this year, rather an acquired taste, so I tend to go back to the plain old garden variety most of the time. Terry (my hubby) is a freelance photographer for our local paper, so I get to go to lots of fetes and things with him, and that is where most of my plants come from. It’s amazing what you find, half the time I don’t know what I’m buying, but if it costs 50p, I will give it a go!
    The garden is enjoy the rain today - but I'm not! Have a good day. x