Monday, 2 June 2014

Make Some Elderflower Fizz

I've just been prompted by Dawn's blogpost to get my bottom in gear and make some Elderflower Fizz before the flower heads in our garden go over.

This year I'm using the same IKEA flip top bottles as her, which I wisely purchased last time I made the dreaded journey to our nearest IKEA.
Last year I used large plastic lemonade bottles and they stood up to the pressure ok.

I bought two of the clear 10ltr food store 'buckets' this morning and they were fine with the hot water part of the recipe. £2.99 each a real bargain and I figure can be used year after year.


  1. Tell ya what is nice....Pink Elderberry Fizz....
    Yes! Pink....! :).
    1/2 cup of water..1/2 cup of sugar....In a pan...
    bring to boil..keep stirring, until you get a sugary
    Add 1/2 cup of elderberry cordial..keep stirring...
    remove from heat, and allow to cool....'muddle'
    some strawberries with a wooden spoon.....
    Pour into a glass..add slice lemon..crushed ice..
    Top up with some prosecco wine....Will make a
    fizz'in noise as you pour....
    It's lovely....Best of it is....It's 'PINK'. :>).

  2. Ah Willie, my readers get two drinks for the price of one with your help.

    Jean x

  3. Oh I love Elderflower season and making the cordial. Isn't it so delicious and thrifty! Every year I battle with my other half and the next door neighbour to keep my Elder safe from the chop. I haven't any flowers yet so am most impressed with your haul Jean. And as for Willie's recipe, swoon! x

  4. I haven't made the Elderflower cordial but I've made Elderberry cordial/syrup which is delicious and full of vitamin C.


  5. Willie you`re a man after my own heart, great post Jean Hic!

  6. Thanks for sharing this Jean, I'll pop over to Dawn's to check it out, and Willie's Pink recipe sounds excellent!
    Gill xx

  7. I usually make the Elderflower cordial, but without the fizz. I will check out your blog friends recipe to see how you get the fizz in it.