Tuesday, 13 May 2014

We Don't Need To Be Cruel, So Why Are We?

You know I love to post about all the gorgeous things in life, pass on a few tips, highlight a few things here and there.

Today I'm posting about something not so pleasant - intensive farming. The money men would have us believe there is no choice but to ratchet up the intensive farming, so many people etc etc.

But I believe most of the 'developed ' world could do with eating less, I include myself in that group. Then I wouldn't be paying for a gym membership either. Money that could be spent better elsewhere.

I'm not a world expert on food growth and economics, but I think I have a valid point when I say let's consider the HUGE levels of food waste before we start even higher levels of intensive farming with all its related problems.

Please watch this film, it's not gruesome I promise.


  1. Good topic...This could go on for days....! HeHe!
    Firstly the video...Yeah! About 50% of what she
    said, is about right! One word used, that is the
    worst word to use is...'WE'...Putting us ALL..
    In the same boat...And, we~are~not~all~the~same!
    She also looks as though she auditioning for some
    reality show...Could have tidied her self up a bit to!

    It's NO secret...I am a professional shopper...I'm
    GOOD...Very good...I've even, over the years taken
    Mums shopping to prove a point, and, have, indeed
    save them money! It's not rocket science...
    Yes! l know Mums with a family, tend to rush round the
    supermarket, not really taking time out to look at prices...
    As they say...It's a MAD MAD WORLD....Why! Does'nt
    have to be....!

    Food waste...Goodness....It runs into Billions....
    So, why do supermarkets, sell goods, like buy one, get
    one free...Buy two, get one free...It's not a bargain.......
    In Tescos recently...Curly Kale..Which l like to buy, one
    every week...£1. They had curly kale two weeks ago, £2:20.
    Buy one..Get one free...HaHa! Work it out for yourselves...Cheaper
    to buy, two separately, than together.....
    Couple of months ago, l had an on going 'WAR' with Morrisons,
    which finally, l won, letter of apology etc...
    I still told them to shove their store...So, l go to Tescos now,
    don't like it...But, there it is...I shop the way l like to shop, l
    have very little or no food waste, it was the same when it was
    just me and my daughter for 14yrs...
    I was taught that it is a sacrilege to waste food...And, God
    would punish you if you did...Food has to be respected.....
    And...Treated with respect....Amen!

  2. Thanks for your comments Willie. Glad you won the war with Morrisons, what where they thinking?

    Jean x

  3. I also feel food waste is a crime and making a meal from odds and ends makes me feel good in so many ways. Thankfully I seem to be immune to marketing ploys too - it's part of being a grumpy old woman. Just need to convince Mr N that he doesn't need to be a carnivore now!

  4. Think you have hit the nail on the head there my dear! We should all eat and buy less, walk more and use the car less. Then may be the gyms would all go out of business!

  5. Oh Jean, it wasn't gruesome but it was disturbing. She's right, I know these things if I allow myself think about them but I do look the other way. And you're correct, the amount of food that passes through our 2 person household, both consumed and wasted, is immoral. I filled a garbage bag with wasted food from my larder last weekend. I'm quite ashamed actually.