Wednesday, 7 May 2014


We did masses of work in the garden over the BH weekend. We planted up pots, moved delicate plants from their Winter home back into the sunlight. Potted on seedlings, moved various well established plants to create a better back border and managed to divide some to create more plants, a lovely bonus indeed. The Mister then completely weeded and mulched the area.

We unwrapped our 'Agatha Christie' plant that has been swathed in black fabric for the Winter. Cleaned and weeded the old patio area. Gave the garden furniture a lick of paint. And generally made all good for the start of the warm weather.

Our Californian lilac tree which you can see to the left of this pic, looking a bit like a purple Christmas tree, had a little baby tree all by itself. We suddenly noticed an identical little tree about 10 inches tall growing a foot away from the Mummy plant. We are easily pleased and amazed obviously.

We went all out and treated ourselves to a 3 seater garden swing. We haven't put that up yet as we ran out of time and sunshine. I'm hoping it will get a grand unveiling next weekend if the weather is kind to us. I did a lot of research online for the best price, as they are quite expensive. We found a beauty at a garden centre about 25 minutes from us at Mark Cross, called The Sussex Country Gardener. It was reduced by £100 and we were given a free lavender plant too, which has handily filled a little hole in the front garden's lavender patch.

Last Autumn we planted a bumper pack of seeds which once grown and flowering attract and sustain bees. It's been another revelation to us as all sorts of weird and wonderful plants have sprung up.

We've discovered Borage. These beautiful star shaped flowers can be eaten as can the young leaves of the plant. The flowers look especially pretty in salads and frozen in ice cubes for summer drinks, Pimms anyone?

I have read that they contain lots of vitamins and minerals but also are a power house of natural anti-oxidants, you know the ones that munch their way through the nasty free radicals. (That does sound like a pop group to you too, right?).


  1. HeHe! The Free Radicals....Are a pop group....
    Formed in 1996...They do American jazz...
    Funk, Hip~Hop....Seven members, and, there
    very good....My kinda music...! :).

    Well! It's no secret, l ain't no gardener....I go out
    cut and straighten the grass, cut the privet, and,
    take care of my virginia creeper..Which surrounds
    my home, and l love to bits....Though, someone gave
    me some tulip bulbs, three months ago...I planted them,
    in pots, and round the bottom of the flag pole...And, up
    they came...Success! :).
    Oh! l do grow a few herbs, in pots....And, my pond, looks
    after itself...I let it go a bit wild....For the wild life....!

    Oh! What's the idea of putting big letters saying......
    The Back Border.....On top of the fence....! :>).

    1. It's not an idea Willie my man, it's just our garden back border. The one we sweated cobs over at the weekend.

      Jean x

  2. It looks fantastic! Mine my various gardens (front, back and "back plot") look as if they are about to go bonkers - that's fine by me, but slugs are thriving too & I hate poison. Any ideas for plants that slugs won't munch on?

    1. Slugs are defo a law unto themselves. Eat some plants and give others a wide berth. At the moment we don't have many slugs in our garden as my Hostas are still intact. Last year we sank beer pots in the ground to kill them off.

      Jean x

  3. Wow, you guys had a productive weekend! Did a bit of gardening myself last weekend, it does feel good to be out there again! I love your fence; the style and the colour. I would love my now brown fence to be that colour, to match my arbour but it would be quite a lot of work and costly, the brown is always cheaper!! Your back border will look amazing in a couple of weeks. Looking forward to seeing some more pics and your swing!