Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Leading Ladies

My #shelfie for those of you who don't follow me on Twitter. Why should you miss out?


  1. Dear Jean..
    Ooh I wish you could have heard me laugh, when I read your wonderful comment over on mine...hehe! I said out loud..It's such fun on here!! ...I'm totally fascinated by the old~y world~y starlets of times gone by.. such as Ava,Gardner and Bet Davies and Olivia Dehavilland and such..I'm going to treat my self to Ava's book..Was she married to Frank Sinatra too? I'm a thinking soo...True Icon's I believe.....
    I believe also that you have a new follower such as Willie...He makes the blog world so very special...and he makes me smile :)
    Thank you for kindest words always...
    hugs Maria x

  2. Yes Maria she was married to Frank as well and Artie Shaw. None of her marriages lasted but she is very generous about all of her men in her book. She was one hellofawomen.
    Ah yes and Willie is a sweet heart.
    Jean x

  3. What a wonderful doll collection! As to Ava Gardner, we recently got a new cable hook up and now we get TCM "Turner Classic Movies". Every day I can watch all these wonderful actors of days gone by. Most were from my Mom's era but I still love these movies. Wishing you the very best this week!