Thursday, 15 May 2014

Super Scrimpy Face Cream

A few years back I watched a TV programme that set out to analyse face creams and challenge the claims of the manufacturers. I think the presenter was a chemist of some sort, anyway she was an 'expert' in her field.

She sampled very cheap creams, mid-range and very high end ones too. One of the expensive creams had caviar in it as I remember. I have just checked the prices on-line for a cream that includes caviar and spied one retailing at £512 for a standard pot. The manufacturer claims it is the ultimate experience in firming and lifting your skin.

After testing all the creams the chemist concluded that it was best to go for something mid range that didn't upset your skin, as she felt there wasn't much difference between them, and that no cream would stop the signs of ageing.

I do tend to swap about with face creams a little bit, especially if there are deals to be had. But I quite often use Nivea Q10.

It has some sun protection in it and is usually sold around the £10 mark. Every now and then it is reduced to half price and I stock up. It's a nice reliable face cream

Last month, on the way back from Reykjavik, I made a duty free purchase of an Icelandic organic herbal face cream. It was three times what I normally pay for my Nivea cream. It smells divine, but I haven't noticed any visible difference to my skin.

So last weekend I saw that Lidl had their own version of a Q10 face cream for sale at half the normal price, 99p, it's usually £1.99.

Well you know what's coming next. Of course I had to buy some. I figure if it's terrible I can always add some essential oils to it and use it as hand cream.

I wonder if any of you blogging thrifty bods have bought it, and what you think of it?


  1. Unfortunately mine isn't a thrifty purchase but having tried lots it is the only one that doesn't upset my skin. I suffer from Rosacea & Clinique Redness solutions helps to keep it to a manageable level.

  2. I haven't tried Lidl face cream but I am a fan of their things. Last week I bought a super duper microwave from them, it looks very stylish, mirror finish black, and is all singing and dancing for just under £50. Delighted with it.

  3. Ah! Now! You may think l know nowt about make~up...
    Well...I do see...I have a jar of Derma Q10..Right in front
    of me. Bought up in Stoke, where my daughter lives, in
    a £1 shop....And, yes! l do use it now and again....!
    But, the thing l have used for a few years now is Bio~Oil.
    60ml size is £5-£8....Double that it's about £9-£12.....
    It's brilliant...!
    And, Nivea...I was raised on it...From a babe onwards and
    upwards....You can't go far wrong with Nivea!

  4. Maybe it's the genes but I never use anything on my skin not even soap, sometimes a face pack but that's it, at my age now (mumble mumble) people tell me I should but it seem mad to start now.

  5. I've settled on the Nivea Q10 too as it really feels good - I rarely pay more than £5.99 as I scour the supermarket for offers. One favourite childhood memory is the lingering fragrance of my mother's Nivea cream after she kissed me goodnight - perhaps that's why I favour it.

  6. I haven't tried the Lidl one but Aldi has one and that is good too. Usually I use Epaderm which I get free from my Doctor for very dry skin.

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