Thursday, 29 May 2014


So the garden borders are coming along now. This circular border has been here since our house was built in the 1960s. Mrs. Fraser, the original owner planted it up. It's spot on. We rarely have to do anything to it and it has beautiful plants which bloom all season long. It only really dies back in the dead of Winter.

Our deep back border is a work in progress. But we're not wanting to waste money on buying full grown plants, so it will develop over time. That's ok. The part of the border with the herbs in is looking good.

You can see Sage, Rosemary, masses of Lemon Balm and just out of shot Thyme, which is covered in tiny flowers and bees.

The other half of the border still has some gaps, but we're working on it.

The house is now midway between being red brick and painted in Cornish Cream. I can't wait until it's finished. It will look fantastic. These two pics show the back of the house.

All in all a nice bit of progress made. The house will be completely finished and looking ticketyboo for my first knitting workshop on June 28th.

A warm welcome to David my latest Google Friend Connect follower who blogs over here


  1. Both garden and house are looking good! M x

  2. Anything that comes out of the 60's has to be good..!
    And...A nice display of herbs to...That's what l like to see,
    growing in a garden...Flowers are nice to, l like to see them
    growing in the garden, and left alone...In the garden! Don't do
    cut flowers, l'm afraid...Cruel!

    And, the house looks nice to...Love the balcony...
    Romeo! Romeo! Where~Fore art thou.....Romeo! :).

    1. Ha ha. Got three more balconies on the front (not that I'm boasting or owt). If he misses her at the back he might find her at the front. Bit Brian Rix.
      Jean x

  3. It's looking great, I love the colour of the fence panels it looks similar to the colour I want to paint mine. I'm sure the upper level of my house is painted in Cornish Cream , it was a far brighter shade of yellow when we first had it applied. I'm pleased to say it has weathered to a much more reasonable shade of cream.

  4. house and garden bloomin marvelous the fence is really nice

  5. I love the colour of the walls. I wish I had found Cornish cream when the inside of the house was painted last month – I would like that colour everywhere! I went for warm stone, which ended up a sort of dull pink – not the look I wanted to at all. Your garden is gorgeous, and everything looks very healthy.

  6. What a brilliant idea to paint your red bricks! The house is looking very "New England" now. I love it.

  7. The painted brick looks really good! Was it a difficult decision??