Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sun Shiny Sunday

Unfortunately the weather wasn't with us yesterday when we popped along to one of the local agricultural shows. We still managed to have a good time though in between the showers. I mean a day off from work and chores is a good day right?

I especially like to see all the farm animals at these events. This year was a little different as I was looking at them considering whether or not I could cope with their husbandry.

We will move in the next couple of years and are thinking about the pleasure and benefits of self sufficiency and how well it would work for us.

It's an exciting prospect but we have to be realistic too. We are lucky to have friends who have some experience and I also take inspiration from blogs like Sue's.

This is our second year of growing our own food and things have started well.

Rocket, Dianthus, Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Peppers.
But as all you gardeners out there will know it can all change if we get some unfriendly insects or parasites or worse still, the slug massive moves in.

We're keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed. Not as uncomfortable as it sounds.

We have tried not to buy too many plants this year. I did purchase some Sarah Raven plugs for my Summer pots, a little extravagant I know. But you know me, as a super scrimper, I do like to add a couple of expensive items in with the cheaper to lift the whole look.

And yesterday we bought just one very healthy looking Lupin. It has three strong stems, I look forward to it getting established and providing a spectacular display throughout the Summer months. To keep it company I have a few little Lupin seedlings that I will plant alongside it. Once they have grown a bit more.

This year we are not holidaying abroad, instead we are investing the money in our house. Having it painted and generally tidied up, it will be money well spent. As we are staying at home we treated ourselves to a fantastic swing chair for the garden. The mister did a grand job putting it up and we are delighted with it.

Someone is waiting to see it so here it is.

And welcome to my latest follower Barbara Fisher over at March House Books.


  1. Lupins, lucky you, I love them, and am waiting with baited breath to see if any come up here, but no luck so far :-(

    I thought my Strawberry plants were doing so well, but like you say critters are waiting to get things and half of them have been nibbled, two of them decimated to ground level and one has vanished lock, stock and roots.

    I thought I already followed your Blog, seems I didn't ... I do now :-)

    1. Hi Sue, I never miss a post and have been following you on bloglovin. Like you I thought I was a Google friend, I am now.

      jean xx

  2. Just added you to my list, I will be following to see how things develope with your intended move, I hope it all comes right for you.

    You can take cuttings off your lupins to :-)

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you for dropping by and following me on Google friend connect. I look forward to dropping by your blog too.

      jean x

  3. Ah looks great!! And by the looks of it you might be getting the weather to enjoy it over there too. I do love lupins, unfortunately so do the slugs. I rarely buy mature plants for my garden either and lupins are so easy to grow from seed and share.