Sunday, 29 July 2012

The Big Reveal

If you cast your collective minds back you will remember the Rowan pattern that made me conceive the plan to knit an owl door stop for a lovely work friend of mine as a birthday gift.

I've changed the colours of mine because I think my choices work better, but also because I have used yarn that I already have, odds and ends left over from various knitting projects. I'm nothing if not thrifty remember.

My owl is made from 100% Shetland 4 ply wool, it is stuffed with some synthetic stuffing from a Poundland cushion pad, and it's weighty bottom is made from a scrape of fabric and some beads that I bought from a charity shop, the whole tub cost me £1.00.

Isn't it funny how things can turn up in charity shops just when you need them?

It's very beautiful eyes are in fact vintage French buttons, they have been idling in my big button tin for quite a while and have finally been liberated.

This owl hasn't cost me much in the way of pennies, but I think the time spent hand making a gift makes it a much more worthwhile present. 

It's not all about designer labels in my world, I'm very pleased to say.


  1. These are lovely! Have updated my blog at long last.. with a mention! Lizzie

    1. Lovely to hear from you. It looks like you're going to be a very busy girl indeed in the next few months. I will pop and see you at Ardingly.