Sunday, 8 July 2012

Good Champagne and New Friends

Well I can't tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves at the Village Vintage event yesterday. 

Oh all right then I'll try.

Lucy and Darcy made a great job of organising the event and it was totally stress free because of that, all the stall holders were very friendly and jolly despite the rain, we made a few pennies and I only purchased one thing for myself.

And here she is.

She is a totally adorable Holiday Fair doll made in Japan in 1965, for the American market I believe. The lovely lass who I purchased her from, Fiona, was like me, selling at her first big vintage event. I'm so glad she was. Here are some pics of her beautifully styled stall.

And some of mine, which frankly could have looked better. Especially if we had managed to secure a stronger table without a lilt in it.

The more experienced sellers had made such a beautiful job of their presentation. The Washerwoman was there and her stand was a case in point, always lovely with lots of vintage temptations.

I expect the next stop for her will be the Ardingly event on the 17th July.


  1. What an amazing purchase, I've never seen anything like her!

  2. Good morning, thank you for you very kind comments! I was aware of the fact that most of my stock was soaking wet after the drenching at a fair the day before! Do come & say Hi at Ardingly if you are coming... Lizzie
    PS I bought treats from Fiona's stand too!!

    1. Hi Liz
      Nice to hear from you. Will pop along and see you at Ardingly in September.
      J x