Sunday, 15 July 2012

Glynde Food and English Wine Festival

Well Mr.S&P and I took a short break from our weekend chores today and popped out to stretch our legs. We bimbled along to the Glynde Food and English Wine Festival. And we are oh so glad we did.

We drank ale, fizz and cider, ate sausage rolls, tried some Italian cheese and toffee vodka. Listened to some damn good music, and caught a bit of sun. It felt like the first day of Summer.

The pop up beer tent.

The Ouse Valley Three. 

I did try and film them but my lack of phone video expertise and a plethora of old ladies criss crossing across my line of vision put paid to that. But that's what You Tube is for, no?
They were brilliant, a bit 'brother where for art thou?'

Just before we left we bought some 'cheaty' chilli plants to put in the green house, nobody needs to know we didn't grow them from seed do they? 
We will just lovingly raise them and munch them instead.

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