Friday, 6 July 2012

Bargain Summer Chairs

Now dear reader I'm not really a camping/glamping sort of girl, did way too much of that as a child, mostly in Wales as I remember, and unsurprisingly mostly in the rain.

So I haven't had much cause to frequent Millets before. After all why would I want to wear a hat like that again?

Until now.

For in the window of my local store recently I spied a nice big comfy looking folding Union Jack chair. Just the sort of item that could prove invaluable in many situations. For instance when we have extra guests round, the weather is nice and we all want to eat in the garden.

When Mr.S&P and I decide to have yet another clear out and go to sell unwanted stuff at a boot fair, it would be great not to have to sit in the car when we want a little rest and a cup of tea.
When occasionally we attend outdoor events, fold away chairs would improve the comfort level no end. 
But most pertinently when I'm about to have a stall at a big Vintage event and we are going to be there from 7.30am til late, (no chairs provided).

The only sticking point with these lovely chairs I found is that they retail at £22.00 a pop. And you know me I really struggle to pay full price for things, so £22.00 per chair seems like an awful lot of money.

But Tuesday morning I reasoned with myself, they would be an investment and would get a lot of use, so were in fact value for money. 
Right says I to myself go into town this morning and buy two, ready for the week end when we do have a lot of guests for lunch and an outdoor event.

Just before I left though I thought I would check on line, and lo and behold the Millets web site has a sale on and I bagged two of the lovely flag chairs for £25.00. Yes two chairs for £25.00 instead of £44.00.

I did have to pay postage but I still made a massive saving, and got exactly what I wanted. 
I thought I best pass on the good news, just in case you are looking for something patriotic to park your bottom on this Summer.
If you're not a royalist but like the chairs,worry ye not, they are available in other colours.

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