Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Most Loved Owl in the World.

I think this must win the prize for the cutest owl ever, in the whole owl wearing hat category.

But I'm hoping my knitted owl door stop, which I have to say has been much admired at my knitting group  this morning, will be the most loved.

As usual what started out as a 'quick' project has taken much longer than I thought. But I'm still on course to give it to the birthday girl next week.

I've been very good and blocked it all out, which has helped with the front being slightly smaller because of the Fair Isle work.

The second image is the inner and outer wings, and the 'bow tie' is actually the beak.

This morning I finished sewing up the main body, the square flap hanging down isn't a medical problem , it's the base of the door stop which will be sewn under once I have all the stuffing inside.

I'll show you some pictures of the finished creature before the weekend.


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