Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wouldn't it Be Love-va-ley to Have Staff

One wouldn't call them servants of course, and one would be terribly nice to them, they could have a half day off every month, and all the crumpets they could possibly eat, buttered, naturally.

 If only this one had the money. But one can dream can't one?

 In the absence of lots of lovely little helpers, I have been getting on with the work myself, I call them projects so it makes them sound less like graft.

This little beauty of a greenhouse is grad-u-ally taking shape, not strictly my project though, Mr.S&P blames the rain for his lack of progress, mmmm, I'm not so sure. Doesn't look like we will be growing much for this season.

I'm defo in charge of garden furniture renovations, they seem to need sorting out every year which is a bit tedious given the small amount of time we usually use them. The chairs have been painted in a natural stone colour and the table and bench are going to be in 'Willow', it's a really nice 1930's green.

It's good stuff this paint, hopefully prolongs the life of the furniture. Which is just peachy because I'm especially fond of the bench as my Dad made it well over 25years ago, and he's no longer with us.

When I'm taking a break from the hard graft I can carry on with my 'leisure' project. He is taking shape now. 

It's strange how fair isle knitting has the capacity to make me feel nostalgic even though it was popular long before I was born.

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