Thursday, 21 June 2012

Norman Hartnell Showcases Big Hair.

You know dear reader don't you that I fly the flag for all things British, past and present. And feel very inspired and proud of our design heritage.

Because of this I have a fondness for dear old Norman Hartnell, who for some time was the favourite couturier of our Maj. 
Designing both her Wedding dress and her Coronation dress.
I bought the above black and white original photo of Norman from ebay. It's from the London Bureau of the United Press International (UK) and dates from 1966.

I'm totally loving the very big wiggy hair styles of this era. Surely due for a come back? But at the same time slightly amused by the  beribboned large hair pieces laid out ready for the salon's artistic director to work his magic.

My hair is super fine so I don't think I could ever carry this look off, but isn't it absolutely gorgeous on these fine gals.

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