Monday, 4 June 2012

Our Day in the Park Watching the Royal Thames Pageant

I don't like crowds, no, no, no. But love the Queen, yes, yes, yes.

 So despite the crowds, up to London it was, back to the Motherland (Battersea) to watch the Royal pageant on the Thames. 

We queued for just about everything, it got very cold and we waited and waited and eventually we were rewarded with the sensational spectacle of the huge flotilla of boats, with our own dear Queen and the Royals in their magnificent golden barge in the vanguard. 

We did of course get absolutely soaked through towards the end of the day, and it did curtail the festivities somewhat but everyone was just so  happy even so.
We stayed in London for two nights to avoid the travelling crush and it worked a dream. Here are our highlights of the day.

Yes that flag is attached to Mr. S&P's bowler hat, it was totally spiffing and made everyone smile who saw it.
This is our B&B just off the Brompton Road.

 Dinner at The Cadogan the first night, M&S sandwiches the second night :)

Lots of Jubileeness in the streets.

And a souvenir of the day.

Long may she reign.

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