Saturday, 2 June 2012

Grayson Perry at Charleston

Look who I saw at Charleston yesterday, Grayson Perry the transvestite potter, who in this guise is known as Claire.
I think the creatures sewn to his frock are little versions of his beloved bear Alan Measles, but I'm not sure and didn't really like to ask, he's quite an intimidating little girl, like a giant Alice.

This is Grayson taking Alan Measles on a little holiday abroad. 

If we all had the desire/time/money/lack of inhibitions to do the same it would be quite an extraordinary thing to do, no? A truly surreal experience like no other. 

I'm thinking this because I do have my own beloved bear, Brucels who was the most important 'person' in my life during my childhood. He is still priceless to me, and I wouldn't part with him for all the tea in China.

 Now isn't that a face that could launch a thousand picnics?

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