Wednesday, 11 January 2012


As always I'm mindful of the money I spend as much as the money I earn, "a penny saved is a penny earned", as they say. But and this is an important but, I don't want to live a life eating cheap food and I don't want to fill my life with cheap products. In an ideal world I like to eat good quality food at reasonable/reduced prices, and I try not to buy anything unless it is a considered purchase. Frankly 99% of the stuff I buy is second hand, and there is soooooo much stuff about, you can cherry pick the best. Just today I have bought two items from a local charity shop, both still in their original wrappers but way under half the commercial price. I have been following this course for a few years now and I find it very satisfying. It means I'm not buying stuff I really have no need of, I'm not putting lots of debt onto credit cards, and the best feeling in the world .... getting a bargain. It also means that I can save up for large items or for very nice holidays.
I have only made a couple of purchases in 'the sales', because I do feel things are only a bargain if you really wanted them in the first place, before they were reduced.
Lots of my chums have been telling me about the merits of a slow cooker, so I have been considering buying one for a couple of months now. Last week on Huge Furry -Wintercoat's show he showed us how to use up left overs and how to cook up some delicious stews. Prompted by this I finally took the plunge and bought a rather sexy black slow cooker from the Co op. I used to shop with them regularly when they were our local store, because although they only stocked the basics, they are very ethical, especially where animal husbandry is concerned. I had £7.00 in loyalty vouchers and they had the cooker on sale at £19.99 reduced from £29.99. Whey hey was I happy. Now I can buy good quality cheaper cuts of meat and it will be slow cooked into wonderfulness. I'm going to try Hugh's recipe for sausage stew to start with. I haven't tried a sauage stew before because it sounds like it would be full of fat and not have a great taste. But I bought some Duchy of Cornwall chipolatas, mightily reduced at Waitrose, and I have a bottle of pear cider somebody brought round to ours sometime ago, so I'm now thinking , this could turn into a family favourite.
Looking forward to lots of tasty stews, with leftovers for lunch and of course more money left in my purse.
He's a good ole boy.

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  1. I LOVE my slowcooker but I do find that the sauces are a little thin, as the liquid doesn't evaporate. Although adding some cubed potatoes to disintegrate a bit I find helps to thicken up the sauce. Kinda defeats the object if you have to reduce the sauce down on the stove afterwards.

    You have inspired me. Am going to go and fish my slow cooker out of the cupboard and make a moroccan tagine. Mmmm

    1. Ah, very good. We will be making a beef curry in ours tomorrow night. I will let you know how we get on.