Saturday, 14 January 2012

Good Friends

One of my lovely chums Pennie Dreadful has taken a leap of faith and has bought a really sweet house on the Isle of Mull.
The day she arrived with her hubby there was a rainbow, but unfortunately the weather has taken a definite turn for the worst ever since. They still have their main home quite close to where I live, as they are really testing out whether or not they would enjoy living up there full time.......very sensible indeed. Because she will be away for a short while we decided to keep in touch by snail mail. She loves texting but doesn't like talking on the phone, I hate texting but love a chinwag on the phone = small problem. Answer writing to each other. My first letter will be winging it's way to her soon, with a couple of little things for her new home. One of which is this really funny tea towel. 

Join The Club

Just a line to say I'm living, 
That I'm not amongst the dead.
Though I'm getting more forgetful
And mixed up in the head.
I've got used to my arthritis,
To my dentures I'm resigned.
I can cope with my bi-focals,
But - ye gods - I miss my mind.

Sometimes I can't remember
When I'm standing by the stairs,
If I'm going up for something,
Or have just come down from there.
And before the fridge so often
My mind is full of doubt;
Now did I put some food away
Or come to take some out?

If it's not my turn to write dear
I hope you won't get sore.
I think I might have written
And don't want to be a bore,
But remember I do love you,
And wished that you lived near,
But now it's time to mail this
And say "goodbye my dear".

I'm standing by the mailbox
And my face - it sure is red,
Instead of posting this to you
I've opened it instead!

(Just to set the record straight, neither of us wear dentures.)

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