Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Sharing the Do-Gooder Vibe

The inspirational and all round Queen of do-gooding Pip, has launched a very thoughtful and productive initiative. Although a basic idea it has the promise of unlimited wonderfulness. Simple premise........... just try and do something nice for someone else each day of 2012. I know we all do that already, but just thinking about it as a concept will surely make us all do just a little more. Cracking idea methinks.
So I'm in with it. I wont blog about everything extra I feel I have done, nobody likes a smug goody two shoes, but I might mention one or two things.
So first day back at work yesterday, and decided to make a gorgeous calendar for two of my favourite work chums.
This adorable very old calendar was my starting point....
These are the materials I used ....
And these are the finished article ....
I found the vintage postcard in a flea market in Florence a few years ago now, and what a simple process to scan, enlarge and print it on to photographic paper. The small tear off calendars were only about 25p each at Hobbycraft, so quite a thrifty gift too. I was super pleased with them, and one of the recipients has framed the image to put on her wall at home, so that's defo 'something nice for someone else'. Anyone else out there fancy joining in?

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