Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sensational Silent Film

Have you been yet? have you? No? you must, you must. It is quite extraordinary. 
My only proviso would be you must be in love with the whole era, otherwise I don't think you will 'get it'.
The exquisite visuals stand only, and make this film very special, that's without the unique silent treatment. The story is sweetness itself, and such a change from the usual. Last week I went to see Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, OMG how crushing was that?
The director is terribly clever and employs some fantastic visual trickery, and the humour of the script is great too. No, I can't tell you anything more it will spoil it for you. 
Did I mention the dog yet? Too cute for words. A bit like the leading man...........
What a smile, what a guy, does his name really mean Johnny in the Garden?

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