Friday, 6 January 2012

Peculiar Cats

I think it's true that we love cats because of their indifference. Certainly true of my cat Pendragon. Any attention she gives us we are over the moon, and feel so privileged.
I spotted this cartoon by Hilary B Price on an American blog, so proof , if indeed it were needed, that cats are universally independent.
I particularly love the spot just up by the pillows 'heaving spot', right in yer face 'cat owner'.
Grumpiness is a speciality of my cat.
Shared by Bronte, who surely must be some relation to my cat even though she lives in Australia.
If only she was a snuggly type of puss, we wouldn't love her any less. Just like these super cute cats over at henhouse, taking advantage whilst their mistress is away.

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