Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Mad or Just Eccentric?

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Eccentricity is a good thing, being unconventional, slightly strange, odd a bit different, makes people more interesting in my book, not that I'm taking notes you understand.

One of the informal definitions of Mad in the Oxford English Dictionary is 'very enthusiastic'. Well that's me then, Mad - officially.

Mad March hares are a particular favourite of mine, not that they are really mad in March, it is just the beginning of the long breeding season, when Does (female hares) fight off the over enthusiastic advances of the males with their forelegs. You go girls.
Perfectly normal behaviour in my book especially on a first date.

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drawn by John Tenniel for Alice in Wonderland
Hares are featuring large over here in a Spring home made Hares competition. Just gorgeous, the entries and the amazing south west of France venue which is hosting the event. Take a squiz at their site if you enjoy your crafts and beautiful holiday spots. Their residential workshops look tremendous.

green coat hare

sleeping hare by mister finch

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  1. Some super images! I kept wondering: Roger Oates? Roger Oates? Then I remembered his very chic stair runners. Not so eccentric as his photo, maybe!