Friday, 31 May 2013

Visit to Village Vintage Plumpton

I went in search of some lighting for the drawing room and possibly some garden accoutrement.

Nothing of interest on the lighting front but I did make a couple of purchases, not
the bloomers I hasten to add.

I was very happy to find a great range of suitably appealing vintage paraphernalia. Not just the usual tin baths and grey painted clumsy furniture that I so often see at 'Country Vintage Events'. Although there was plenty of that if that's your thing.

Part of my slowly evolving plan to revamp and reinvent my vintage and craft business/hobby, is to clear out my lovely garden studio of stock, and paint and polish it into a more creative space. The Mister and I are doing this alongside planting and developing the garden. Happily we can do both when the sun is shining :)

Initially we had high hopes to make a wonderfully desirable seating area at the back of our garden to make the most of the evening sun. Think hand painted tiles, unique and oh so stylish dining furniture, bespoke artisan lighting etc etc
The reality is we don't have the budget for that and actually as we plan to move from this house in the next three years it's probably not that sensible to spend huge amounts on something that we will be leaving behind before we know it.

So I had one of my ideas, I have quite a few you see? As I'm actually clearing out and remodelling the garden studio space I could extend that to include creating a gorgeous outside space for us on the veranda of the studio, makes sense as it gets all of the sun most of the day and the setting sun in the evening.

At the moment it looks terribly tatty and weather worn, but I hope to transform it by the end of June, so we can spend some Summer evenings sitting out relaxing and dining, we don't do it often enough, relaxing I mean, I think we possibly do a bit too much dining.

I want to put some eye popping coloured plants and flowers up there and this groovy 1950s plant stand I found today will do very nicely.

Plus my other purchase will add a little something to the studio interior n'est pas? The flowers are painted on glass and look so sweet and as you see the frame is suitably French and the right side of shabby.


  1. Sounds exciting! I wonder if you've been inspired by the Charleston set? It used to be our dream to live in that creative, unconventional way and I suppose we do, a little bit - with a whole shedload of real life thrown in too!

  2. I'm inspired daily by all the creative people I come into contact with and also by blogworld. I wouldn't mind the private income and staff that the 'Charleston Set' had, we could all be a bit more creative and unconventional then :)My work life balance is moving in the right direction though so no complaints from me.

    Jean x