Sunday, 19 May 2013

What I've Been Doing This Week

Saw a lovely assembly of my fav push-along dog earlier this week at Eridge Decorative Living fair. (Yes Nilly I went).

I so loved the one at the front, I even have a little friend for him at home, but £125.00?

He looks disappointed I didn't bring him a new friend home doesn't he?

making Ciabatta

Dropped off my 1950s radiogram at a local shop to sort out my 'long playing function', sounds a bit saucy eh? The shop, Radio Parade (love that name btw sounds so New York 1930s) is staffed by some very sweet old gentlemen, who I'm not convinced aren't Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse in character.

Don't panic the lamp is only temporary

Today has been garden, the Mister is still outside slaving away.

Lastly an update on the baby birds nesting inside a bag of gravel at the bottom of our garden. Sadly only two left now, but I managed to get a little picture of them, hope you can make it out, I had to be super quick not wanting to upset 'Mum'.

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  1. But I LOVE the lamp! Still haven't taken the plunge with the Cressida Bell shade because I'm pondering a cushion cover too. I'd better hurry up before Cressida abandons the coolie shape & starts doing drum shapes like everyone else.