Saturday, 27 April 2013

Weekend Catch Up

Ah me, I had sooo much packed in this weekend, something(s) had to go. Feeling a bit over tired and hormonal so did the sensible thing for a change and downscaled my long to do list. Prioritise that's the key. 

Not that cake should be the most important thing, as I'm still on a mission to get fitter and slimmer, sooner rather than later. But this little almond and cherry loaf used up some bits and pieces that were getting near their sell by date, which is a good thing no? Plus it is made with olive oil low fat spread and not butter, and I will only have a little. Whereas the mister who loves his cake, will scoff most of it and work off the calories, no problem.  Please note my cake is served on a dainty vintage plate, and my Earl Grey and vanilla tea is in my favourite Agatha Christie mug. The mister has to have his cake and tea served on something more robust, seen at the back of the pic here, as he has been known to dash down fine china and break it into very small pieces.

Made some progress in the garden, which is towards the top of my priority list. The mister has done all the heavy work. On the plus side that entitles him to more cake, obvs.

Hanging baskets done
Hedge borders planted round veg beds

Lavender prettiness for our seating area

Some corners weeded and tidied

A start made on planting up the huge border at the back of our garden
Didn't get to attend the charity fashion show last night nor the Jukebox event at Brighton racecourse today. But will be going to a friend's birthday party later on after I have made lean turkey lasagne for our supper. Then tomorrow a few more chores and a vintage sewing workshop in the afternoon, just me going to that. I expect the mister will carry on with planting seeds in the veg beds and eating cake, he's such a help.

If you're staying at home tomorrow don't miss Margaret Rutherford as Miss. Marple in 'Murder at the Gallop', on Film 4 at 2.50pm.

As usual her real life hubby Stringer Davis plays her gentleman friend Mr. Stringer.

I love everything about this film, the signature tune especially. I'd like it played at my funeral, as I'm departing, so to speak. Not for me 'Stairway to Heaven', thank you very much.


  1. yes.... prioritize, think I am getting better at it.
    I think spring may just about be here in Ontario, but we don't plant anything before May 24th ( Queen Victoria's Birthday!!!)

    1. How great to have a reliable date to work towards. We've been watching and waiting for the weather to warm up and i'm delighted to say today is Spring like and joyous.
      Jean x

  2. I have to report that up here in the North my potted "wiggley" hazel is further on than yours!
    Also, I've forgotten what hormones are..?