Monday, 13 May 2013

Tiny Birds & Happy Cat

The weekend was full of surprises. First off our grumpy British Short Haired cat Pendragon was in a very happy mood, should that be a surprise? Well yes actually, you see like us humans she doesn't like the grey and wet British weather and because it's been prolonged this year so has her grumpiness. But this weekend the house has been filled with much loud purriness. In fact she was so happy yesterday she tried to get inside the tissue box on our bedroom window ledge, a little eccentric I know, but she seemed to be enjoying it immensely.

The other surprise of the weekend was the discovery of a well hidden birds nest. The nest was so well hidden it nearly caused the death of the baby birds in it. Mr.S&P was going about his garden tasks, which at the moment involves the laying of a red brick path alongside the back of the house. When on lifting a bag of gravel at the back of the garden in the 'gubbins' (very untidy) area of the garden, he was startled by a bird flying out of said bag. Even more startled when on tipping the bag of gravel into a wheelbarrow he spotted a tiny nest with the most incy baby birds in it, which thankfully had not been crushed by the tipping out of the gravel, and were even still the right way up.

The nest was and is now back inside the red/green plastic bag on the left of the pic

Three tiny little creatures with just a few bits of fluff on their skin. Mr.S&P raced inside to get me, not being a stranger to birdy type rescues, and we quickly refilled another bag as the original had split, and placed the nest back inside. We wrapped the original bag around the new one as it was a different colour and we were worried the parent bird might not recognise it. Thankfully we saw the bird return to the bag, and then fly in and out several times. I had a quick peek this morning and the babies are still in there and look fine and dandy. If I pull the top of the bag back they sit up and open their tiny yellow rimmed beaks for food, when I fold it back they immediately flop down to save their energy. I don't want to disturb the area too much, but I will check back again in a couple of days and if I think it's safe I will get a quick pic to show you. But this pic I found on line is similar to how they look, so sweet.


  1. How exciting, I wonder what kind of bird they are, did you recognise the parent? Quick thinking to replace the original bag over the new one.

  2. Do you know s/he flies out so quickly we haven't yet been able to identify what they are. Plus we're keeping our distance for the time being so as not to spook the little family. if we find out anymore or get a chance for a quick pic later on I will post about it.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog. What's the name of yours?

    Jean x

  3. Good job that Pendragon was burying himself in the tissue box - dread to think what would have happened if he had been with you.
    Baby birds are adorable and it amazing the way they develop so quickly - bits of fluff one day and proper wings pop out the next - loved seeing this.