Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thrifty Tips Time

One of my fav' blog reads is by a lovely lass who bubbles over with enthusiasm for sharing all things thrifty. This week she 'vlogged' about making your own Fabreeze. It's not a product I use a lot, not too many nasty whiffs in my house thank you very much. But I do sometimes have occasion to use it :)

You can find her recipe here. I wondered if it might work as a linen spray? The idea of which I adore but not the humungous price tag. In looking for an image for this tip I stumbled on another blog with a different recipe for the same product using baking soda as an ingredient instead of distilled white vinegar. Thought I should mention her as I've nicked her image, it's the only ladylike course of action. Plus it gives you dear reader a choice of perfumed concoctions.

I don't often come up myself with original thrifty tips, but this could possibly be construed as a thrifty tip.
I like low calorie fizzy drinks with nice unusual fruity flavours, but they always seem to be a lot more than your bog standard lemonade.

So I buy my perfectly priced lemonade and keep a stash of high juice squashes, purchased when on offer of course, then I add my flavour of the day/hour and  have a variety of fizzy drinks without lots of different bottles being open and losing their fizz.

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